What Campus Party wants to deliver in its 14th edition

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July 29, 2022 – 1:51 p.m

The event also includes exhibitions, workshops and activities for attendees (Credit: Discovery)

The pandemic caused Covid-19 has directly affected the events sector. Campus Party, a meeting of technology and innovation, had to change its format in the last two years due to restrictions caused by illness. In 2020, the personal event was cancelled. The edition was entirely online, and in 2021 a hybrid model with reduced capacity for participants was chosen. For 2022, 14th edition, which will be held from November 11 to 15 at the Anhembi Pavilionthe goal is to have 100% of your public return to the fair.

In this context, Campus faced the challenge that other organizations faced with the continuation of face-to-face events, as explained by the Executive Director of Campus Party Brasil, Tonico Novaes. “We no longer have staff working in the office, we work 100% online. We had to understand this new moment in order to create a culture and convey the expectations and energy of the communities,” he says.


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In addition, the CEO describes the difficulties, in the last two years, in finding partners for the event, but says he is optimistic about opening the market this year. This edition will be sponsored by Sebrae, Porto, GitHub, Visa, Globo, RNP, John Deree, Petrobras, 3 Corações, SevenBoys, Use, Accenture, 4events and Include.

More than a thousand speakers are expected in the fair’s program on five available stages. Names such as Orkut Buyukkoten, Jordan Soles, Sharon Mcpearson and Bil Reith have already been confirmed.

Innovation, integration and news

For 2022, the organization is betting on integration and experience to connect campus residents – the name given to event participants – with partner brands.

One of the first novelties of the event, presented on the evening of Thursday 28th, was the integration of the digital experience with the face-to-face experience, which will be promoted through an application developed by 4events specifically for the event. Through the app, participants will have access to digital content, credentials and other resources needed to participate in the event.

In other editions of Campus, the content was already available online for those who wanted to follow it, but with the arrival of the application, Novaes explains that the experience will become digital. “We now have the ability to interact, so anyone at home can effectively participate in the event in a dynamic and organic way.”


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In addition, as a way to encourage young content creators, the 14th edition will for the first time have #Awards, an award for influencers who generate engagement with their communities on conscious issues and social responsibility. The winner of each of the seven categories will become an official Campus ambassador for one year, with mentoring and an agency advisor.

As part of the event organization proposal, leaving a legacy is something that is relevant to the Campus Party. For this reason, the city of São Paulo will receive, for the first time, an innovation laboratory for young people from communities and peripheries in the capital city of São Paulo, which will be located in the Lapa district. The intention is that more than 200 employees can serve about 30 thousand participants in the two years that the laboratory will remain in the city.

The president of Instituto Campus Party, Francesco Farruggia, says that the intention is for this project to grow in every place where it appears and that Campus is negotiating with big brands to make it happen. “We have many laboratories throughout Brazil and, wherever we go, we leave this legacy. We teach young people so that they will have job opportunities in the future”, he emphasizes.

business incentive

As a technology and innovation fair, Campus Party also aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. In this sense, the event intends to work with initiatives that are directly related to the business environment.


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The partnership with Sebrae is one of them. In the environment dedicated to the institute, lectures, mentorships and marathons should be held so that new entrepreneurs learn how to create a business plan. The issue will also feature the “Startups 360” project, in which 160 Brazilian startups will have space to present themselves to the public and potential partners.

For the Chief Executive Officer, Tonic Novaes, these initiatives, added to the technological events, the scientific journal of the event that invests in the production of academic content, which are already a tradition at the fair, are the way that the Campus has found to leave its legacy in training young people for the labor market . “What we do is introduce young people to an environment of disruption, science, technology and innovation, giving them personal and professional development in their lives,” he says.

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