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What happened on July 1st?

Let’s see what happened On this day, July 1, Throughout history. We always remember the news, events and people who shaped the course of history.

On this day: July 1

Year 2008 | Riots erupt in Mongolia over allegations of fraud in 2008 parliamentary elections.

year 2002 | The International Criminal Court was established to prosecute those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and acts of aggression.

2007 | In England, smoking is prohibited in all public indoor spaces.

year 2006 | China’s first Qinghai-Tibet Railway operates.

Year 2003 | More than 500,000 people protested Hong Kong’s efforts to pass anti-sedition law.

year 2002 | Bashkirian Airlines flight 2937 Tupolev Tu-154 and DHL flight 611 Boeing 757 collided over Eberlingen in southern Germany, killing all 71 people on both planes.

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1952 | American composer and performer David Akenstone.

1926 | American economist and scholar, Nobel laureate Robert Fogel died in 2013.

1971 | American rapper, producer, dancer and actor, Missy Elliott.

1984 | Bahamian high jumper Donald Thomas.

1966 | Italian football player and coach Enrico Annoni.

On this day: death

2013 | U.S. General, Sidney Brian Berry, 87.

2016 | British writer and film director Robin Hardy, 87.

Year 2008 | 60-year-old British guitarist Mel Galli.

2012 | American writer and playwright Jack Richardson, 78.

2005 | American singer-songwriter and producer (Change), Luther Vandross, 54.


1976 | Luther van Nistelrooy and Patrick Kluivert were born in the Netherlands on this day.


2016 | Warner Bros. Pictures opens in 2D, 3D and IMAX theaters in the United States today.

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