What is a gaming PC? The keys to buying the best

computer games become very popular thanks to the prevalence of gaming clubs and the likelihood of becoming professional gamer. According to the Spanish Gaming Association, Spain has the largest number of professional teams in Europe in which more than 328 professional players.

But to get to this step, it is necessary to have a PC Gamer, for the graphics quality, speed and performance that games need. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages of using a “gaming” computer compared to a classic computer, what its main elements are, and the advantages of owning one of these computers.

Here’s our buying guide:

What is a gaming PC?

PC gamer or gaming computer specially designed for the modern game. This requires increasing its graphics power and processing capacity so that gamers can enjoy the most demanding games at the highest resolution and quality.

Gaming PCs have: a graphics card with dedicated RAM, graphics processors or GPUs, and an intensive cooling system to sustain intense days of play.

Although they are commercially available for purchase, avid gamers build them to measure with high technical requirements to run all your favorite games.

Differences between a classic PC and a gaming PC

For ordinary people, recognizing the differences between a conventional PC and a gaming PC can be challenging, especially if it is not related to the world of gaming. In fact, there are many common characteristics that they have in particular those related to operating systems such as Windows or Linux, but also to navigation.

  • The the power of your graphics cardsbecause all computers need it, but gaming equipment needs two to three times the capacity.
  • The RAM memory this is what allows these computers to excel at running multiple programs to perform different operations simultaneously.
  • l’CPU and graphics modules or CPU and GPU. These items should be powerful, fast and of better quality in case of gamers units.
  • Thanks to the capacity, power and size of its components, the relative cost of a gaming PC is much higher than a standard computer.
  • There is also the different additional links to integrate all kinds of commands necessary to enjoy the various categories of games.

Advantages of a gaming PC

Using a computer specifically designed for gaming offers significant advantages:

  • easy game thanks to a powerful program processor.
  • Great game smoothness thanks to the higher resolution of the GPU, with a capacity of more than 60 frames per second (FPS).
  • The image resolution quality in Full HD and the screen size ensures a more pleasant gaming experience.
  • You can push the device to the limit and play for long periods of time thanks to innovative cooling systems.
  • Loading time is much faster with an SSD storage device.
  • You can use the gaming computer to perform your usual and complex tasks. Whether it’s academic projects or large-scale work.

What components should a PC gamer have?

Whether you decide to build your own gaming PC or buy a large gaming PC, there are main components which must be present on your machine. Let’s review the most important ones:

Powerful processor

on processor It is the nerve center of the computer and is the component that determines the response capacity in the video game and its performance. The main brands on the market are Intel (Core i5, i7, etc.) or AMD (Ryzen 5 or 7).

RAM and graphics card

The RAM memory determines the number of processes the device can manage in parallel. The higher the expected level of play, the more memory will be required. The minimum required on a gaming PC is 8 GB, expandable to 12, 16 or 32 GB.

The Graphic card determines the resolution quality of screen games and is responsible for connecting equipment components. This should be a special card, with a good memory capacity, which in any case should exceed 4-6 GB.

storage unit

When choosing a Hard drive you need to find a balance between the loading speed of the games and the storage capacity. In this sense, it is important to have enough space to fit all the game content.

Equipment ventilation and cooling system

When starting a game, high-powered equipment develops a large amount of heat that must be dissipated as it forms to properly cool the computer.

I prefer ventilation and liquid cooling systems compared to conventional air as their ability to dissipate heat efficiently has been proven.

game screen

Thanks to the screen game quality and the enjoyment of the experience is obvious. So the size of the panel, the ability to refresh the image and its resolution are essential.

In this case, a 27-inch monitor of 60 Hz or more with Full HD resolution meets the requirements of every gamer.

Other subjects

The overall gaming experience includes a set of peripherals that raise the level and allow you to enjoy any kind of game. In addition to a mouse and keyboard, a headset, steering wheel, pedal, joystick and other PC-compatible items are required. Also, keep in mind to choose a good gaming chair that will allow you to have good posture, not strain too much, and have better productivity.

Is it better to buy a ready-made gaming PC or not in parts?

Despite the large commercial proposition for the PC Gamer, building a gaming PC can become a very learning experience, rewarding and inexpensive as long as you know where to start. Among the existing advantages we have:

  • It allows you to knows all the basic elements of a computer and its functions. Plus, you can put together the right specs to play your favorite games.
  • Configure your equipment and select the various items will help you do savings when you’re looking for the best deals in specialty stores. In addition, you save labor for assembling the equipment.
  • You can start with basic systems and upgrade your PC as your gaming demands grow.
  • you will know much more on the operation of computers.

There are so many types of components to build a gaming PC that you will need to spend a lot of time confirming their compatibility and the best way to go about it. You’ll also have to deal with some initial mistakes and may have to stretch your budget if you don’t know what to buy.

Other uses of a gaming PC

They are precisely the force and speed of a gaming computer making it the ideal computer for everyday activities. Other applications include:

  • Professional quality photo or video editing, taking advantage of powerful graphics cards and more RAM than conventional computers. This feature is especially useful when you need to process large and complex files.
  • For work in the field of graphic designas the programs take advantage of the hardware’s power to create better and faster graphics, especially in the case of complex models and 3D graphics.
  • For run professional simulators such as those used in engineering design. In this case, a high-performance graphics card, an excellent processor and high-quality RAM with a large capacity are essential. Design system interactions also benefit from the cooling system associated with these computers.
  • You will also see the benefits of processing complex sheets in excel or simulate with this powerful platform as it utilizes all RAM to enable the deployment of increasingly large workbooks.

How much is a gaming pc?

Perhaps the right question would be: how much are you willing to spend on a gaming PC? And the answer will depend on you expectations as a player and of course your budget.

You will find in the market multiple equipment configurations that adapt to all requirements.

ordinary player

A basic gaming computer becomes the best option with the advantage of exceeding the capacity of a classic computer, even if there are limitations for advanced games, in particular in terms of the graphics card (4 GB) and the RAM memory (8 GB ).

prices may vary between 500 and 700 euros.

amateur player

Corresponds to mid-range hardware, with the ability to run popular games of the moment, without real restrictions. For this purpose, the capacity of the graphics card has been increased to 6 GB, and the capacity of the RAM has been doubled (16 GB). Likewise, it increases the power supply and SSD storage capacity between 120 and 240 GB.

Cost and enjoyment are increased with these benefits between 700 and 1500 euros.

professional player

Professional players require equipment from top of the line which provide the best performance, lowest noise level and temperature control.

the investment is found between 1500 and 3000 euros.

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