What is the average smartphone specification in 2023?

AnTuTu has released data that gives us a glimpse of the most desired features of smartphones in 2022. You’re probably reading this on your phone.

The authors of the popular AnTuTu benchmark published a list of the most popular smartphone specifications in late 2022. What is the “average” Android smartphoneyou probably have in your pocket.

What is the average smartphone specification in 2023?

Let’s start with the screen diagonal. Apple learned the hard way that users have compact smartphones somewhere. The 6.7-inch diagonal rules the market. Together with the neighboring 6.6″ and 6.8″, this makes 69% of all Androids in 2022. The most popular is the Full HD resolution.

Screen diagonal 2022 / Photo: AnTuTu

It goes without saying that 60Hz screens belong in a museum in the Android world. However, it is still 37%. Fortunately, this is the second most popular value in early 2023. 120 Hz rules. Almost half of the devices tested by AnTuTu have such a liquid display. Interestingly, 144Hz is already more popular than 90Hz. We’re going in the right direction.

Screen Refresh Rate / Photo AnTuTu

They also like a very large space for their files. 256 GB can already be found on over 55% of smartphones. No wonder, because more and more affordable mid-range cars are being offered in this version. Processor? Qualcomm Snapdragon – 60% of the time. MediaTek only has 25% of the market for itself. What about working memory? 12GB RAM is becoming increasingly popular. 4, 6 and 8 GB are becoming less important. And very good.

Memory and RAM / Photo: AnTuTu

The last edition is the Android version. I would treat this data with caution. Newer devices are much more likely to end up on AnTuTu. Therefore, Android 13’s 12 percent popularity shouldn’t surprise anyone as Android 12 remains the most popular. On it – according to AnTuTu – almost 60% of phones work.

Android 2022 versions / Photo: AnTuTu

Which phone fits the description?

In the end we have no choice but to average everything. So the “average” Android smartphone has a 120 Hz FullHD 6.7″ screen. 256 GB for data and 8 or 12 GB RAM. The system is Android 12 and the processor is Snapdragon. Delete delete POCO F4. Could Xiaomi offer us exactly what the average user wants?

Such analyzes suggest that users very often use the cheapest smartphones. We like that best. You will find 10 models with an unmistakable price-performance ratio in our purchase advice.

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