What is the cult of TikTok minions?Entertainment 

What is the cult of TikTok minions?

TIKTOK is a video sharing application that has a new trend every day.

Recently, there has been talk of a cult trend of TikTok minions.


Minions are part of the latest trend in TikTokCredit: TikTok / Universal Pictures

What is the cult of TikTok minions?

TikTok users often create “cults” by making their profile picture the same as the favorite fan base or meme they link to.

With the cult of TikTok minions, users of the application continue to practice.

The cult of minions appeared when a group of fans of the film franchise Despicable Me participated.

Users of the application turn their profile pictures into pictures of someone dressed in a minion costume.

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In addition to changing their profile photos, some users also add the term “minion cult” to their TikTok bios.

Users also flood comment sections by chatting about any trend of which they are “cult members.”

One user has their CV written on the page as “Follow me if you are outside of miniion cult”

What is a minion?

Minions are small yellow figures in the shape of pills from the film franchise Despicable Me.

The film first premiered more than 10 years ago in 2010.

Despicable Me is a film from Universal Pictures, which also has side films about minions.

Steve Carell plays the famous character Gru in the movies.

Minions are Gru’s little yellow army in the movies.

TikTok's picture of a minion cult trend


TikTok’s picture of a minion cult trendCredit: TikTok

What is the purpose of TikTok cults?

TikTok cults are not as scary as they sound.

Most of them are fan bases that come together to generate more followers.

Many TikTok users are participating in trends such as the “minion cult” to increase the number of their followers.

Users will change their profile photos to match the trend and will track accounts with the same photos.

Even Twitter users talk about the trend at TikTok.

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One Twitter user wrote, “I joined the minions’ cult because I was bored of blowing up my phone.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “I joined the minions’ cult and my tick jumped out for me.”

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