What photos does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra take?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra gets a 200 MP camera. It is also said to take better photos at night. Today we can take a look at the effects and there is really a lot to see.

Yesterday I wrote about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera will be better in low light. Today we can look at the evidence – if these photos were actually taken with this flagship. The effects look impressive and the progression is considerable. The question is how much depends on the 200MP matrix and what role the software plays.

What photos does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra take?

Objectively speaking, the camera is probably the biggest advantage of the flagship Samsung. They have better and worse models, but have generally held up at a high level for years. However, the competition has not slept and now Samsung is definitely not the best after dark and in dark rooms. time to do something about it. If these really are photos taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it has some impressive capabilities.

Photos from the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra / Photo: IceUniverse

Impressive, because almost four months before the premiere, the software is certainly still a long way from the final version. The ISOCELL HPX sensor is not particularly large and has cosmic resolution. It’s never a good combination in low light. So I assume that Soft is mainly responsible for the above effects.

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Sharpness, colors and noise reduction are significantly better than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. So the new Samsung will have some downsides (slow charging, average battery life), but the camera is definitely not one of them. Will it be the processor? We’ll find out in the coming weeks right after the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 release.

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