What the hell is contempt? This sickening survival horror will drive Game Pass subscribers

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An extremely weird, disturbingly meaty, disturbingly phallic survival horror inspired by HR Giger scorn finally coming to Gamepass. But beyond the Promethean aesthetic, what is it about?

Damn hell.

Well… redistributing eggs and pushing things into holes. And it might just be one of the most interesting experiences to come to Next Gen to date: something that leans so strongly and unequivocally on its aesthetic, as disturbing as things get, that you have to admire it for its vision alone. Not since Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days has a mainstream release gone all-in on an obnoxious audience like this, and if anything, Scorn is even more obnoxious.

For God’s sake.

But there’s more to Scorn than visuals, and it’s a fascinating world to explore… if you’ve got the stomach and patience for some silly puzzles. As Kelsey notes in her review, Scorn is an exercise in environmental storytelling, eschewing cutscenes and exposition in favor of simply letting the player piece things together themselves. It doesn’t provide all the answers, leaving much of its deeper meaning open to interpretation: and it’s all the more compelling as a result.

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A fitting homage to HR Giger, then.

scorn is now available at PRAÇA no Xbox Series X|Sand was published on the first day in Xbox Game Pass.

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