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What These 22 Brazilian Actors Would Look Like If They Were The Opposite Sex / Amazing

Artists’ faces can be a result of fan admiration because they love to see their idols in as many ways as possible. Recently, anonymous and famous people have been sharing jokes, such as simulating a face designed by the artificial intelligence (AI) that created the funny avatars.

1. Taís Araújo

2. Deborah Secco

3. Caio Castro

4. Paola Oliveira

5. Nicolas Prattes

6. Andréia Horta

7. Ingrid Guimaraes

8. Paulinho Vilhena

9. Sophie Charlotte

10. Star of Romulus

11. Jade Picon

12. Paloma Bernardi

13. Duda Nagle

14. Lucy Alves

15. Vera Fischer

16. Carolina Dieckmann

17. Alexander Nero

18. Alessandra Negrini

19. Chay Suede

20. Larissa Manoela

21. Fabio Porchat

22. Eriberto Leão

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