What to do if Bizum does not work?

It Bizum digital payment platform It has become very popular in recent times. This is a new digital payment technology that is supported by more than 25 different banking organizations, incorporating the possibility of digital payments into home banking applications. The competition for digital payments from PayPal is here. But if you want to make a payment and Bizum doesn’t work, don’t despair.

Here you will find the best recommendations for alternatives and possible solutions for typical errors that may occur. In most cases, the failure is the bank application, but since the platform works on it, the result is that your transactions do not go through.

Bizum does not work, malfunctions, scams or theft

A very annoying message that can appear when we try to send money with Bizum says “Sorry, an unexpected error occurred.”. It is annoying and sometimes even disturbing that the application gives us this indication when we talk about operations with our money. That’s why in this post we analyze possible solutions when Bizum doesn’t want to work or your bank app gives error warnings.

It is important to act quickly when there are malfunctions, as this is how we protect ourselves from potential fraud or theft. Take note and follow these steps to try to resolve these issues. First, we identify what the most common problems are.

Problems with account registration

If Bizum throws a kind Error during account registration, the solution is to contact the bank directly. In this way, we can ensure that our personal data is protected and correctly placed in the organization’s database. If you need to contact Bizum directly, you can do so through their official accounts via direct message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Do not respond to any contact that appears with the logo, only those you have contacted. Otherwise, it could be a scammer impersonating the Bizum brand.

Disadvantages when changing mobile

In the event that you have changed your mobile phone and if Bizum does not work while doing so, you should Notify your bank of the change. So Bizum will confirm the new mobile as an official account. To ensure that the number does not remain active until the organization is notified of the change, it is recommended to start canceling before changing the device.

Difficulty switching banks

If the user changes the bank and Bizum does not work, you should Process the exchange of money from the bank itself. Cancellation may take several days, so it is recommended to start the process before applying for registration with a new bank.

Bizum does not work, shows an error when trying to operate

Until the screen appears confirmation of transfer or money request, there is no risk of transactions without the user’s knowledge. Bizum advises to repeat the transaction until confirmation is received and to confirm that this is not an app-specific error. If the error persists, you should contact the bank. Remember that the Bizum system is integrated with the applications of affiliated banks, therefore money is transferred from its interface.

Bizum errors not working

What can I do if Bizum doesn’t work?

There are some actions and alternatives that can be tried if Bizum is not working properly. Can reinstall the app from the bank, restart it or go to update the operating system. We will tell you about the most popular solutions and the best performance of your transmission applications compatible with Bizum.

Reinstall the bank app

To make payments with Bizum, you must have an updated app from a compatible bank. Once these requirements are verified, if the service is still not working, you can try to install the application again. This is because in some cases, some cache files can prevent or make it impossible for the app to work properly. Uninstalling and reinstalling can be done directly from the Google Play Store and only takes a few minutes.

update the app

If your home banking app is not updated, it can cause errors and make it look like Bizum is not working. The best way to proceed manually updating the application. Access the Play Store, search for your organization’s home banking app, and check that there is no update available. You can also download certain apps in APK format from the bank’s official website. After the update, the send and claim Bizum functionality should have been fixed.

Restart the bank app

Classic switching off and on can too fix bugs in Bizum. Make sure you close the background app and re-enable it. This allows you to read back authentication credentials to fix common problems in your application code. Try sending money through Bizum when the program restarts.

Contact your bank

If none of the above suggestions solve the problem Irregular action of Bizum, it’s time to contact the bank. Perhaps there was a bank policy update that prevented it from working, or the app’s servers are having issues. In any case, we have to wait for the response to know how to proceed and thus solve the error.


Bizum is a very popular app transfer money instantly and very simply. However, it is not without problems. The platform is integrated into the applications of various banking organizations and allows safe and fast transfers with other users. If it doesn’t work, try installing, updating, closing and reopening the tips. Otherwise, contact the technicians of the banking application in question and wait for explanations about the causes of the malfunction. Sometimes these are temporary problems, and sometimes there are incompatible mobile devices or simply a poorly installed app. Computer experts and home banking app developers will know how to fix it if it’s something more serious.

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