What to do with the Christmas tree after Christmas? This is worth knowing now. How do you get rid of a Christmas tree without getting into trouble?

Some put up the Christmas tree at the beginning of December, others wait for the last minute. Regardless of which option you decide on this year, it’s worth knowing what to do with the Christmas tree after Christmas. When the tree slowly begins to lose its needles and charm, it will be time to throw it away. But where to throw the Christmas tree? Only in the trash? Can it be used in another way?


According to tradition, the Christmas tree is kept in the house until the Epiphany, i.e. January 6, and many are happy to do so. Sometimes, due to the heating season, the tree starts to lose needles quickly and you have to get rid of it earlier. The date in this case, however, is not important, what is important is what to do with the Christmas tree after Christmas. Throw? Plant? Turn it into something else? Or maybe donate biomass? There are many options.

First of all, although the Christmas tree is biodegradable, that is, it decomposes without harming the natural environment, we do not throw it away. A Christmas tree is green, biodegradable waste and this is the part where we dispose of it – it’s the brown bin. The Christmas tree must be without a pot with soil and before throwing it should be chopped, cut off the branches and cut the trunk into smaller pieces.

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