What to sow in March? It’s planting time! What vegetables and flowers can you sow this month? March seedlings step by step

March is the time of intensive preparation of seedlings. What we shyly started to sow in January and February, starts at full speed from the beginning of March. Soon, gardeners’ windowsills will be filled with mini-tables on which vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants will sprout. Preparing seedlings has two main advantages: it allows you to get a lot of seedlings cheaply, and it makes the plants start flowering and fruiting earlier. We advise how to grow vegetables and flowers from seedlings.


Part of the vegetables grown from seedlings would not have the opportunity for proper growth and development in the natural conditions of our gardens due to specific needs: high temperature and constant humidity during germination and a large amount of light for growth. Sown in the ground in May, they might have time to grow and develop fruits, but they would not be able to ripen before the end of the harvest.

Other plants successfully cope with field aura sown in the ground, but thanks to earlier sowing for seedlings, they will start producing several weeks earlier.

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Popular vegetables grown from seedlings include:

  • tomatoes – tall and dwarf varieties can be sown for hatcheries from March to mid-April. We will plant them in the ground in the last decade of May;
  • crisp and buttery lettuce mid-early varieties sown in sowing often yield better after seeding. The sowing depth is half a centimeter. We prune the plants when 3-4 regular leaves grow. If pruning or breaking occurs too late, the plants will be weaker and less able to form heads;
  • New Zealand spinach is a heat-resistant plant, similar to cucumbers in cultivation. You can sow it in a flower bed in March, from where it will go to the garden in April/May, or later sow directly in the ground. We harvest several times a year, from mid-June until the first frost;
  • broccoli we sow for seedlings from March to May, and we plant in the ground from April to June;
  • bow sown in March in a flower bed or in a flower bed, it will go to the garden between April 20 and May 10;
  • early cauliflower sowing for inspection from February 15 to March 5;
  • pepper sow from March to April 10;
  • cf sown in the flower bed in March, it is placed in the flower bed only in May;
  • eggplants it can be sown during March (preferably in separate pots), transplanted to a permanent place at the end of May;
  • boxes if we want to have an early harvest, sow it by the end of March, and plant it in a permanent place at the end of April.


For a flower plant lobelia in May we will pay around PLN 8-10. Similarly for fat. One-year ones are a bit more expensive cloves. Meanwhile, all these plants can be obtained independently from seeds sown in a home mini-inspection between mid-February and the end of March.
It is also planted in March ginseng and sage and some types of rockery, and popular marigoldwhich will not only decorate the flower beds, but also help in the fight against harmful nematodes in the garden.

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