What to watch this weekend, or an overview of news from Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime

If you are looking for thiswhat to see this weekend on the most popular streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max), we come with a small overview of the news. There are some titles on all platforms that can be a pleasant time on the weekend that has just begun. So let’s check out what interesting has been added to streaming there.

What to watch on Netflix – The Barbarians are back

Today’s news on Netflix may not be particularly impressive, but this week’s platform has included e.g. movie The Academy of Good and Evila family production starring Charlize Theron, Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Yeoh.

Another season of the historical series also appeared on Netflix Barbarians. We also have a Polish series The Green Glove Bandwhich is supposed to be a mix of comedy and custom, so it’s always worth checking out. Below you can see the list of productions that have been added to Netflix today.

  • 28 days of horror [6 odcinków] [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • Barbarians [6 odcinków] [+ audio, + napisy] (2020)
  • Vatican Girl: The Vanishing of Emanuela Orlandi [4 odcinki] [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • A girl from the 20th century [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • High: Confessions of a smuggler in Ibiza [4 odcinki] [+ audio, + napisy] (2021)
  • I, Superbiker 6: Clash of Nations [+ napisy] (2016)
  • Mole [2 odcinki] [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • From zero [8 odcinków] [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • ONI: A Story of a Thunder God [4 odcinki] [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • Descendants [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • The face at the window [+ napisy] (1939)

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video – the new series The Peripheral

The biggest premiere to be added to the Amazon Prime Video catalog will be The Peripheral series, of which you can read a review of the first two episodes on our website. There is also space on the platform for the next episodes of the comedy Milf or another Single planet. It is also worth paying attention to Allen’s film, ie. On a rainy day in New York.

  • Ammu [+ napisy] (2022)
  • Black Mercedes [+ audio, + napisy] (2019)
  • Four more shots please! [10 odcinków] (2019)
  • La Cuna Del Dembow [S01E02] (2022)
  • Luxury Property: Sydney [S03E06] [+ napisy] (2021)
  • mother [18 odcinków] (2013)
  • Can I help you [2 odcinki] (2022)
  • Miskina, poor thing [8 odcinków] [+ napisy] (2022)
  • Modern Love – Tokyo [7 odcinków] [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • Singles planet 3 [+ audio, + napisy] (2019)
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks [S03E09] [+ audio, + napisy] (2020)
  • Death of Stalin [+ audio, + napisy] (2017)
  • The Periphery [2 odcinki] [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)
  • On a rainy day in New York [+ audio, + napisy] (2019)
  • The Gate of Heroes [+ audio, + napisy] (2016)

What to watch on HBO Max – Comedy Lost City

If you’re looking for something typically entertaining, comedy has popped up among today’s news on HBO Max Lost city. If anyone missed it in theaters, it’s worth catching up because it’s a really interesting piece of cinema. The film also promises to be interesting My son, in which actor James McAvoy plays the role of a father in search of a missing child. And most importantly, the actor didn’t know his lines as he wasn’t given the script, so everything was improvised.

  • 30 minutes or less [+ audio, + napisy] (2011)
  • Kung Fu [S03E03] (2021)
  • My son [+ audio, + napisy] (2021)
  • Perfect case [S06E07] [+ audio, + napisy] (2017)
  • Lost city [+ audio, + napisy] (2022)

What to watch on the Disney + horror movie Chase the Demons

Today, another horror film from Hulu debuted on Disney+, but considering that their latest production, Grimcutty, turned out to be a huge flop, it’s hard to recommend it. However, for the record, we would like to inform you that a film has been added to the news (a total of two) Chase the demons awaywhich tells the story of a woman trying to recover from a drug overdose. Let’s not expect too much from this movie and maybe we will have fun.

  • Chase the demons away [+ napisy] (2022)
  • The Kardashians [S02E05] [+ napisy] (2022)

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