What were Craft Corporations?

Craft corporations. what you need to know for your exams

The term “Craft Corporations” is used to define organizations formed by merchants in the Middle Ages.

This topic is often addressed in general history questions, especially Admission Exams and in the ENEM test, the National High School Examination.

In this way, to help you in your studies, today’s article has brought a complete summary about Craft Corporations. Check it out

What were Craft Corporations?

As mentioned, Craft Corporations were organizations that were created in the Middle Ages, starting from the 12th century, with the aim of regulating the economic activities of European cities.

The organizations planned to create groups with the same economic, religious or political interests.

Craft Corporations. context

Beginning in the twelfth century, city workers realized that they would make little profit if they continued to work alone. So those working with the same niche decided to form groups that could control the activity in that region, boosting their profits and avoiding any form of competition, the Craft Corporations.

Key Aspects of Craft Corporations

Association rules were applied in medium-sized towns, i.e. towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants, which had a certain number of professionals/artisans carrying out the same activity. Together, these professionals could decide what the quality and price of the manufactured product would be. Once determined, the guidelines must be followed by all members.

Organizations had an apprenticeship system where each trade was taught and practiced through a rigid hierarchy. The masters were in the first place. After them came the officers and, finally, the apprentices, that is, those who did not fully master the production of the activity.

One who entered the corporation began as an apprentice. This individual would receive no wages and live with his master to learn the trade. The process can take up to 12 years, and only then can a student receive official status. Those who were officers would work for a certain amount of time until they achieved the status of foreman.

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