What’s new in the new Google Maps update?

Recently, Google Maps has received one of the biggest and newest updates. It has come with some great features and is now available for all Android mobile devices.

To see what’s new, we’ve listed all the details of this new update below.

The most exciting news is the latest major update to Google Maps

Google Maps

The latest update to Google Maps comes with a few news worth noting. This is really good because it is the most used maps and navigation app on mobile phones, so now it promises a better user experience.

live view

For starters, Live View Search now works better and supports more locations. This, remember, allows you to see the interior of some sites to explore them in depth before visiting them or just out of curiosity. It now lets you see some locations in popular cities like New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tokyo. In addition, it will also be useful to find places of interest such as gas station, bank, restaurant…

location history

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accessible locations

On the other hand, Google Maps is now more supportive of users and people with disabilities that prevent them from performing certain movements or activities. for these the application will show certain routes, ways and places where they can be and move without much difficulty. For example, you will be able to show where there is a ramp for people in wheelchairs so they can get on and off easily.

While this feature has been around in Google Maps for a while, it didn’t work globally in the app, but now it does. To find it, you just need to look for the “Available places” option.

3D maps

Google Maps was originally a much more basic program than it is today, and so it only had 2D maps. Now it comes with 3D maps and this is a long time coming. Nevertheless, With the new update, more support is now added for a better user experience while viewing themboth near and far.

Google Maps Go:

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to chat

Yes, it almost looks like a social network with this feature, but no… Google Maps already has chats that let you interact with specific locationssuch as restaurants, shopping malls, shops and other attractions, to request certain information and get to know them better.

visible coordinates

It looks like an advanced GPS. now Google Maps can show you the exact coordinates of the places you’re looking for on the map. So you can already know values ​​such as elevation and longitude of the site.

How to update Google Maps on Android?

Google Maps Go:

To update Google Maps on Android, just follow these steps:

  1. First, open the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  2. Then type Google Maps in the search engine and click on the app.
  3. If you don’t have the latest update yet, an “Update” button will appear. You have to click on this and that’s it, nothing more.

How to get from one place to another

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