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“What’s up, all the jewelry?” asks the Lion recipe

Photo: Playback, Instagram

In an advertising campaign for the delivery of the IR (Income Tax) declaration, Planalto’s Secom (Secretary of Communications) mocked the case of the jewelry sent by the Saudi Arabian government to Jair and Michelle Bolsonaro, valued at more than R$. 16 million.

“What’s up? All the jewelry?”The “Income Tax Lion” is the symbol of the Federal Revenue Service in a promotional article posted on government social media this Thursday (9).

O Globo reports that the campaign shared opinions on Instagram. There were favorable comments (“All the jewels” was a joke by the intern, I liked it.) and contrary to the allusion to Saudi jewelry (“Type of Media Made by Digital Stampers”)

Secom notes that revenues have already made the software that generates IR declarations available, although they can only be sent from March 15. The deadline for submitting them is May 31..

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