WhatsApp is making subtle changes in its appearance. check out

on a regular basis Whatsapp: go through updates that bring a number of improvements to the app. The procedure is so common that many users do not even realize what is different from the messaging platform.

The observant should be aware of these changes

Oh Whatsapp: doesn’t usually make many changes to its design, so only the most observant audience might notice the app’s subtle changes. Meta has recently updated the lettering on some icons.

Previously, the fonts describing the tools were all uppercase, such as “CONVERSATIONS”, “STATUS” and “FILED”. But now it’s possible to identify the lowercase characters “Chats”, “Status” and “Archived” in a more minimalistic style.

Usually, app improvements are related to its functionality. That’s because, Purpose: strives to deliver the best possible experience to its customers. However, some changes are being made to the messenger interfaces to provide a more user-friendly look.

It should be noted that lowercase words are still being tested. This means that not everyone can observe the changes. In any case, try to always update the app so that the news comes faster.

WhatsApp is experimenting with deleting messages after sending them longer

This time, a new tool is being tested by the messenger. The goal is that a user can delete a message for everyone after sending it longer than is currently allowed.

The time allowed for everyone to delete a message is currently 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds. However, with the new update, this time can be increased up to 60 hours.

While the feature may be a big drawback for those who take a long time to respond to messages from the app, it will be quite beneficial for those who have messaged the wrong person or regret sending any content to their contacts.

The new tool does not have a release date yet, however, it is already being tested.

How to delete messages?

To delete a message, the user must hold their finger on the sent content to select it. Once you’ve stabilized it, click on the trash can icon at the top of the screen and choose the option to “delete for me” or “delete for everyone.”

The news was reported through the official Twitter of the social network. In the text, the administrators wrote that “now” people will have “a little more than two days” to delete the messages.

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