WhatsApp knows what we need. The news will please androids

WhatsApp wants to make life easier for Android users. In the new version of the application there will be the possibility of direct data transfer between Android devices.

Creator Whatsapp are back with more news. This time it’s about a feature that users will surely like.

This time WhatsApp is working on the possibility of being convenient Transfer chat history between devices with Android. So far, this was only possible via Google Drive – now the makers want to make this step superfluous.

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When is the new feature coming for WhatsApp?

The novelty for starters appeared in the WhatsApp update Beta version for Android. The communicator’s creators believe that this should allow data to be sent in a private and secure manner – but WhatsApp is not yet revealing the details of this process.

However, the first screenshot was posted online and shows that the feature is about to be released. Soon we will probably know the necessary details.

According to reports from the website Wabetainfo, which discovered the above innovations, the data transfer function between Android devices should be included in the next stable version of the application. Its release date remains a mystery.

Avatars have appeared among recent messages on WhatsApp. According to the creators, these will allow us to maintain more privacy on the Internet. Check if you find them useful:

Pleasant with useful in WhatsApp. How do digital portraits protect our privacy?


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