WhatsApp starts with news – here are the entries in the Statuses

Of course, this isn’t the first time one website has been heavily inspired by the other’s features. This time it’s WhatsApp, one of the most popular messengers on the market, which is introducing new features that allow users to create, share and react to photos and videos, which is very similar to Instagram.

The latest news about Apple computers

If you’re the lucky owners of Apple computers and missed this news, it’s worth reminding you that you’ve been able to download and test the native WhatsApp app for your devices for almost 3 weeks now. Please note that this is only a beta version.

WhatsApp for Mac (Source: wabetainfo)

The Mac app is optimized and built using Mac Catalyst, which ensures faster and more efficient operation than the current Electron-based version. Users also have a new interface with panels that allow them to easily switch between conversations, calls, archived and starred messages, and easily browse contacts.

On this occasion, it is worth mentioning that the full-fledged application for computers with the Windows operating system has been available to all users since August last year. The most important change in the operation of the program in relation to its previous versions is undoubtedly the fact that the application no longer requires a constant connection of the smartphone to the computer in order to work properly.

WhatsApp is heavily inspired by Instagram

They appeared in the WhatsApp application new state functions. Here it is difficult to talk about the revolutionary nature of this solution, because similar or almost identical functions can be found even on Instagram. WhatsApp status disappears after 24 hours just like in Storiesor Attitude on Facebook. However, this is not the end of the similarities.

As in the case of Stories, also when sharing a status on WhatsApp, the user can decide which group of his recipients (whether to be seen publicly or for a selected group of his contacts).

Friends showing our status can react to it using suggested emoticons or text. Sounds familiar, right? However, this is not the end – we will be informed about the addition of a new status by our friend through a circle displayed around his profile picture.

WhatsApp statuses
New Status Features (Source: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp Status users can share photos, videos, GIFs, text and links that will be viewed directly in the status (almost the same as on Facebook). However, WhatsApp introduced a novelty that distinguishes its statuses from, for example, Instagram Stories. These are voice states – we can put a voice message in it for 24 hours, the length of which does not exceed 30 seconds.

This is yet another time when apps draw inspiration from each other, introducing almost identical functionalities to their offering. How do you perceive such uniform “formatting” of many applications available on the market?

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