WhatsApp will end “ghost groups”. know the solution

As always, WhatsApp is at the forefront of updating the app. The novelty of the time promises the ability to create groups with an expiration date. This way, after a certain period of time (set by the administrators), the group will be automatically deleted.

The new feature is being tested in the beta version of iOS Messenger. There is still no information about adapting the functionality to the Android system. The novelty will be very useful in the case of groups created for specific purposes, for example, organizing an event, whether at work or among friends.

Audio recordings to texts

A feature that will be very useful for WhatsApp users is about to be released. A tool to decode voice notes to text will be available soon. This way, those who don’t want to listen to voice messages because they are too long can turn them into text messages.

According to WABetaInfo, the feature is already under development. In short, the audios will be transcribed automatically, right inside the app. In addition, it will be possible to convert to other languages, but you need to download them as an add-on and include them in the messaging platform.

However, it is worth noting that the audio playback option will still be standard on WhatsApp. Therefore, the transcription function must be activated after the user selects the voice they want to read. Furthermore, since it is still under development, there is no release date for all messenger users.

Unknown caller mute function

The website WABetaInfo has discovered a feature in the latest version of WhatsApp that will allow you to silence calls from unknown numbers. The new tool will bring several benefits, such as reducing interruptions and not having to worry about spam calls.

The launch comes with the introduction of Communities, as some users complain about being contacted by unknown numbers who are part of the community. Thus, functionality allows you to reduce annoyances.

According to the portal, the new function will be in the settings section. So you will need to activate it to use it. When the tool is already enabled, unwanted calls will only be displayed in the call and notification center.

However, it’s important to note that the new feature to mute unknown numbers is still under development and not available to beta users. Therefore, if no serious problems are found, it will be released for testing.

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