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When cooking broccoli, you deprive it of valuable properties. Method 1 is much better

Many of you are probably wondering if raw broccoli is edible. If so, is it the flower or the stem? We dispel all doubts on this topic.

Broccoli is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. You probably use them quite often in your kitchen, for example when making a creamy soup, casserole or salad. But they should always be cooked first. Okay, is eating these vegetables a necessary activity? And maybe broccoli can be eaten “raw”?

Can broccoli be eaten raw?

Most of you probably wouldn’t even think about it eat broccoli raw. It is not surprising that it is accepted that they always require preliminary heat treatment, and probably very few people have ever tried this vegetable without cooking.

It turns out that they can easily be eaten this way. Raw broccoli is safe for our healthand they admire fresh taste and interesting texture. You can also blanch them, they will come out insanely crispy, and at the same time, you will not deprive them of their valuable properties, as in the case of cooking.

What are the benefits of raw broccoli?

If you eat raw broccolienrich your diet vitamin C and antioxidants. They too an excellent source of potassium. This vegetable also shows anticancer effect in case of lung, prostate, colon, breast and skin cancer; It is because He is present in it sulforphane, which blocks the occurrence of cancerous DNA mutations. These very qualities will disappear when you decide to cook broccoli.

Remember before eating them in this form wash them thoroughly. You can chew both the flowers and the stems, but the latter can be a little fibrous, so it is worth cutting them beforehand. You can raw broccoli add to salads, sandwiches or eat as a snack.

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