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When Pius Walder was shot

It is said that the farmers of Kalkstein, an East Tyrolean mountain village located at an altitude of 1,641 meters, descend into the valley only twice a year, in the summer with an avalanche and in the winter with snow.

These are old stories, legends, words frozen in proverbs, which stand like the surrounding mountains in the world today.


The dead should be asked what is true and what is just fiction, but they don’t talk anymore, that’s enough. They lie in the ground, in the shadow of the tower of the Maria Schnee church. They died in childbirth, in the living room, in the field, on the ice, despite the prayers, despite everyone kneeling before the crucified Christ, they froze and were killed by the plague, as death was at their door. the neighbors knocked.

Thirteen graves surround the small church, like children waiting to dance with their hands. twelve narrow iron crosses, the tomb is large and wide and built of light colored stone.

A young face, broad ribs are carved into this stone. “Here lies Pius Walder,” it says, and. “On September 8, 1982, in Kalkstein, I was shot in cold blood and purposefully by two hunters from the neighborhood, the 8th shot fatally hitting me in the back. of the head.”

A cemetery should be quiet, peaceful, not a place of fighting or revenge. But a lot has changed at Kalkstein since that evening nearly 40 years ago. Since then, a crack has passed through the village, sometimes you can still feel it. They say: God forgives, never in Tyrol.

At that time, shots rang out in the valley, it broke again and again, as if the devil incarnate hit the church gate with his fist.

How did Pius Walder die? What is correct? How many times do you have to say something before it comes true?

The Villgratental in East Tyrol. Few people are attracted to that area. Most of the local families have lived here for a long time

Christopher Waiter

Blue lights shine on the dark forested slopes, the ambulance leaves the limestone, slides through the night, along a narrow, winding road, down into the valley, where the points of light flicker, to Lienz.

A young man is lying in the car. he is unconscious, his face is black with soot. They put him on the operating table in the hospital. He dies after midnight. Time of death: approximately 1:00 a.m., September 9, 1982. Name: Pius Walder. Age: 30 years old. Profession: woodcutter. His body will be autopsied in the morning.

From the conclusion of the trial.
The corpse is lying on its back. The back of the trunk, thighs, arms and back of the head are literally in a pool of blood. Abundant liquid, partially dried blood in the area of ​​​​parts on the body.

Dead spots in the back area

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