Where and how to donate leftover food? See how to save unnecessary food from being thrown away

Food waste is a phenomenon that increases in December, and especially after the holidays. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with this. We explain what to do with food that is in the refrigerator and is suitable for use, if we cannot eat it ourselves. See how little you need to share food products with others.


Food that is late after Christmas is a problem for many Poles. Dishes for Christmas Eve and Christmas are often prepared in excessive quantities. Because of this, sweets and dishes that could not be eaten during family gatherings end up in the trash. However, for some, it is a shame to throw away handmade cakes or an excess portion of bigos.

What to do with unnecessary food? How to avoid food waste? Where to take food left over from Christmas? We suggest how to ensure that surplus food goes to people who will gladly accept it.

If the guests haven’t eaten everything, we can try to give them extra food and desserts. However, not everyone is willing to take something to take away, especially since overeating after Christmas is “our national tradition”. In such a situation, we can go to places that accept food products. By visiting one of them, we will be almost certain that nothing will be lost. There is a way out even for the lazy. You can post information about excess food to donate in a topic group on Facebook.

If we have an unopened meal or food products in good condition, we can take them to the canteen, i.e. a large, free-standing refrigerator that allows free exchange of food. Jadłodzielnia restaurants are usually created as a result of social initiatives, and their cleanliness is taken care of by informal groups or non-governmental organizations, such as the Jadłodzielnia Foodsharing Polska Association.

In our country, public coolers have been available for several years and continue to gain popularity. Jadłodzielnia restaurants, usually built on the street, can be found in various districts of Warsaw, Lublin or Wrocław. The principle is simple: everyone can bring unnecessary food to the fridge or take something from it for themselves. This solution works not only for people in need, but also for anyone who doesn’t like to waste food.

Before Christmas you can support people living in poverty by joining one of the food drives. Food collection is often organized in larger supermarkets, shops and markets. Retail chains, charities and even food manufacturers are happy to join such initiatives.

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