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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 may be remembered for its new weapons and locations, but the latest Battle Royale consumables are not to be harmed. The game brings three new edible items to the Battle Royale game modes, including the incredibly useful Slap Berries. Like the Klombo Berries from previous seasons, they can only be found in the wild, but grant more than one special ability. This is where you can come across Slap Berries in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How to get Slap Berries in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Slap Berries can be found exclusively in green areas of the Medieval regions of the map and come in huge numbers. This means you can head to the outskirts of castle locations such as The Citadel, Breakwater Bay, or Shattered Slabs to discover massive berries nearby. However, if you’re on the east side of the map, the berries might even be located around the Lake Lute landmark, which is south of Slappy Shores.

While not as beneficial as Reality Augments, Slap Berries can be consumed to provide unlimited energy for a limited time. Ultimately, this allows you to run for more than a minute without worrying or waiting for the energy bar in the lower left corner of the screen to recharge. As if that weren’t enough, each berry you eat can also grant you an additional 15 points of health or shield.

In addition to Slap Berries, there are other ways to recover health in just a few seconds. On the one hand, NPCs can sell you the Chug Cannon for 600 gold, an exotic item that you can shoot yourself with for 15 health or shield an unlimited number of times. Additionally, the season still bottles the berries’ powers into a consumable known as a Slap Juice, though it is also exclusive to certain areas.

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