Wherever possible, the new Gmail has been shared. It will go to tablets

Google is implementing the new look of Gmail at its own pace in its different versions intended for users accessing it through a browser or through mobile devices. Sharing changes to the interface has entered the next phase.

There is no turning back

The new look of Gmail is implemented in small steps already from February 2022. Then the first users were given the opportunity to optionally change the layout of the start page in the browser. Later, this updated interface became the standard that Google proposes to its new users.

For now it is still possible to switch to the old layout, but the developers make it kinda hard for themselves. The “wajcha” that allows you to go back to the old Gmail is available because it appears in the first tile after clicking the settings icon. However, if you change the appearance of the email to an older one, you must state the reason why we make such a decision.

Gmail’s new look will eventually become the default anyway – not just the primary one, but the only one. Of course, there are also personalization options in it, so it’s not like Google is forcing us into something that we can’t adapt to the way we work.

Tell the truth, Thanks to the updated layout of items in Gmail, everything has become much more orderly. Finally you can say goodbye to the previous visual mishmash. On the one hand, we still have shortcuts to Meet, Chat, Spaces, and Tabs at the top, but the user panel is fine. The UI is much cleaner, introducing elements from Material Design 3’s visual language.

The changes to Gmail are not yet complete

We may have been using the new Gmail for many months, so we don’t mind the mass implementations announced by Google. However, there are details that the search engine giant has not yet mentioned.

Gmail looks new (Photo: Google)

How can you find out from a new ad The improvements are reflected in the Gmail app on tablets. It’s probably about adapting the program to larger screens.

In addition, we should expect a better handling of emoticons so that our emails do not become too boring, as well as additional accessibility that will make it easier for people with disabilities to use the application.

The above changes are planned for later in the year.

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