Which apartment or house insurance is worth having? We report floods and fires most often, but the list of damages is long

Home or apartment insurance allows you to obtain funds to cover damage in the event of a disaster. According to statistics, real estate is the most threatened by floods and fires, but the danger of overvoltage in electrical installations is also increasing. What else is worth remembering when buying insurance?


With apartment or house insurance, you can sleep more peacefully, knowing that in the event of damage, you will have money to restore the property or replace damaged items. However, we don’t always think about what is really worth insuring against.

According to the 2021 Wiener study, 84% of assets are insured. Poles, but three quarters of those people bought only basic insurance. It usually covers the most common damageswhich, according to Compensa data, includes:

  • flooding, for example as a result of a water supply or sewage failure in an apartment or at a neighbor’s house – approx. 60 percent. reported damages,
  • fires, for example as a result of improper operation of heating devices – approx. 10-15 percent. reported damages,
  • overvoltage, e.g. due to overloading of the electrical installation,
  • explosions, e.g. electric scooter or gas cylinder.

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