Which gaming mouse to buy? (Spring 2023)

A good mouse is essential. Not sure which gaming mouse to buy? We suggest which model to choose to enjoy optimal performance during the game. In the list of the best gaming mice, you will find proposals for different price segments.

The number of gaming mice available on the market means that finding the rich offer is not the easiest thing to do. Manufacturers deceive us with spectacular cases or expressive backlights, but often these are rodents that do not deserve attention.

OUR list of recommended gaming mice brings together the 10 most interesting models of different price segments that will meet the expectations of demanding gamers. I aim for the best models from a given shelf – these are often well-known, years-old builds, which, however, still perform very well in battle with other players on the network (and not only).

Gaming mouse up to 100 PLN

The mouse segment up to 100 PLN is a very thankless shelf. This amount includes a lot of poor quality rodents that don’t give gamers the right settings in terms of sensitivity or number of buttons. Our suggestions are certainly the most interesting gaming mice up to 100 PLN.

Capri Qatar Pro

corsair photo

  • Connectivity: wired;
  • Sensitivity: 12400 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 6.

It is a very light and compact mouse, equipped with PixArt PAW 3327 sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 12400 DPIadjustable from 200 DPI only with Corsair iCue software.

We have six fully programmable buttons at our disposal, and special non-slip side panels will help with the grip of the mouse. The presence of a small RGB backlight element is also nice – it has been equipped with a scroll wheel.

All this for the amount of PLN 70-80 – doesn’t that sound good?


AOC pictures

  • Connectivity: wired;
  • Sensitivity: 16000 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 8.

The second of the remarkable proposals in the segment up to 100 PLN is an absolute beginner in this segment – we are talking about the mouse from the manufacturer known mainly from monitors, that is, AOC. The AGM700 RGB model is a mouse based on the PixArt PMW3389 sensor that is unheard of in this price segment. sensitivity up to 16000 DPI.

The mouse looks very interesting, also thanks to the use of several backlight zones with a full RGB color palette. A big advantage of this model is the presence of up to eight programmable buttons, while the main ones are based on Omron switches with a service life of up to 50 million clicks.

We also take advantage of the presence of weights, thanks to which we can adjust the weight of the mouse to our needs, and the cable is equipped with a thick braid. For less than 100 PLN it’s hard to ask for more.

Gaming mouse up to 200 PLN

In this price segment, it is still worth looking for a good wired mouse. The offer of rodents using wireless communication is very poor, and it is difficult to choose something sensible here.

Logitech G102 Lightsync


  • Connectivity: wired;
  • Sensitivity: 8000 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 6.

A total classic that has worked perfectly for years – this is how you can describe the Logitech G102 Lightsync model, which is extremely popular in this price segment.

It is a mouse with a classic design, equipped with a very solid optical sensor with a sensitivity of 8000 DPI. We have six programmable buttons at our disposal – it is worth paying attention to the main two, which are based on a metal button tensioning system with springs, which guarantees a distinct click.

Of course, there’s also a backlight with a full RGB color palette, and gamers will also appreciate the low response time (1ms) and built-in memory as well as a 32-bit ARM processor for profiles and macros. Price? Less than 150 PLN.

SteelSeries Premier

photo: Steel Series

  • Connectivity: Wired;
  • Sensitivity: 18000 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 5.

Another model that has been on the market for several years, but is hard to drop from the list of best gaming mice. It is a classic looking rodent that is equipped with very good components.

What we don’t have here – is TrueMove Pro optical sensor with 18,000 DPI sensitivityas well as five fully programmable buttons. It is worth noting the use of Prestige OM magnetic switches for the main keys, which guarantees a low response time and a service life of up to 100 million clicks.

Added to this is a very light construction (only 69 grams), as well as roller lighting with a full RGB color palette. We also have braided cable and Teflon, solid sliders. This is a mouse that will serve us for years.

Gaming mouse up to 400 PLN

The amount from 200 PLN to 400 PLN is a budget that will allow us to go crazy and buy a really high-end mouse. We recommend two wired and two wireless rodents from two leading brands in this segment.

Logitech G502 Hero


  • Connectivity: Wired;
  • Sensitivity: 25,600 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 11.

Let’s start with the models with wireless connectivity. If Logitech’s proposition, then only the G502 Hero. This one of the best budget gaming mice with large parameters.

The biggest advantage of the mouse is proprietary Hero sensor that allows you to reach a sensitivity of up to 25600 DPI. It is one of the best units on the market that will provide us with great precision and a sensational response to our movements.

What else? We have up to 11 programmable buttons – among them the so-called. a sniper button, while the roller has two fast scrolling modes. The software allows you to save five profiles and freely create macros. Of course, the RGB backlight is not missing, as well as the weights that allow to adjust the weight of the mouse.

Most importantly – the rodent is excellent in the hands, has solid rubber side panels, and the switches are enough for 50 million clicks. The price is less than 300 PLN.

Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer picture

  • Connectivity: wired;
  • Sensitivity: 20,000 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 8.

Fans of Razer’s awesome mice should pay attention to the DeathAdder V2 model. This mouse uses the original Razer Focus+ sensor with a sensitivity of 20,000 DPI, with precise tracking at the level of 650 IPS.

Players have eight programmable buttons, the main ones of which are based on optical-mechanical switches with a durability of up to 70 million clicks. There’s no shortage of built-in memory for storing macros and, of course, using the Razer Synapse software offers great opportunities.

But it is above all a very comfortable mouse that fits perfectly in the hand. And that can be a very strong argument to buy it.

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

Razer picture

  • Connectivity: Wireless;
  • Sensitivity: 16000 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 6.

It’s one of the cheapest Razer wireless mice out there, but that doesn’t mean we’re not dealing with a capable model. On the contrary – Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is a successful wireless rodent that uses proprietary Hyperspeed communication technology.

The mouse is powered by a battery that lasts up to 285 hours of play when using the aforementioned connectivity system, and up to 450 hours when connected via Bluetooth. These are solid results.

On board, however, we have a Razer 5G optical sensor with 16,000 DPI sensitivity, as well as six buttons with a scroll wheel. Razer has also used proprietary mechanical switches, and standard is support for macros and settings profiles. There is also built-in memory to support the mentioned features.

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Hero


  • Connectivity: Wireless;
  • Sensitivity: 25,600 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 6.

In its wireless mouse, Logitech combines all the best – efficient yet extremely ergonomic design with modern solutions for gamers.

One of them is use of exclusive Lightspeed connectivity, ensuring adequate response time and efficiency. The mouse has a built-in battery that can last up to 60 hours of fun.

Also on board we will find an excellent Hero sensor with a sensitivity of 25600 DPI, and the buttons are mounted on a tension based on a metal spring. We also get a weight to adjust the weight of the mouse, and a stable rodent grip is guaranteed by rubber side panels. Of course, there is no shortage of RGB backlighting, which gives the whole thing a proper gaming appearance.

What to buy for more money?

You may then be tempted to buy material in the highest possible radius. We particularly recommend two interesting models to your attention

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

Razer picture

  • Connectivity: Wireless;
  • Sensitivity: 30,000 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 11.

It’s nothing more than Razer’s flagship mouse. Basilisk V3 Pro uses the latest Razer Focus Pro 30K sensor with 30,000 DPI sensitivity, and its capabilities allow you to use the mouse, e.g. on glass.

There will certainly be buttons too – the mouse has 10 fully programmable keys and a scroll wheel. This is also an opportunity to create many different macros useful during gameplay.

The rodent uses HyperSpeed ​​communication technology, while the battery should provide up to 90 hours of work on a single charge. Of course, there’s no shortage of Razer Chroma backlighting – it’s available in the full 13-zone RGB palette.

And all this for – unfortunately – a lot of money.

Logitech G502XPLUS


  • Connectivity: Wireless;
  • Sensitivity: 25,600 dpi;
  • Number of buttons: 14.

The best gaming mouse from Logitech is a significantly cheaper proposition than the Razer model mentioned above – its price does not exceed 600 PLN. And at this price, you can count on a real wealth of options.

Above all, it is an interesting proposition for people looking for a mouse with a rich set of buttons. We have up to thirteen at our disposal, and of course we also have a scroll wheel. An interesting fact is the removable double-sided buttons for changing the DPI. The possibilities of this aspect are therefore enormous.

The rodent uses the already recognized Hero sensor with a sensitivity of 25600 DPI, while the main buttons are based on optical-mechanical switches. Of course, there is no shortage of Lightspeed connectivity, thanks to a special receiver.

As befits a gaming mouse, we also have RGB backlighting here, while the built-in battery lets you game for up to 120 hours on a single charge. This is an excellent, well-tuned gaming mouse.

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