Who is always waiting? WhatsApp is making the news Brazilians have been waiting for

WABetaInfo has released a number of features that WhatsApp is testing in its app beta testers for Android. The main new feature is the confirmation feature for new group members, the role that Brazilians have been waiting for.

In particular, the feature promises to give more management capabilities to group administrators, who will be able to approve or reject new members.

This new feature has started testing in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android

It is expected that when the option is enabled, anyone trying to join the group will be subject to administrator approval.

In the screenshot made available by the portal, you can see a new option called “Approve new members” in the group settings section.

This feature must be enabled for the user account.

If this option is enabled, those wishing to join the group must be manually approved by the group administrator.

The new feature can help admins prevent anyone from joining their group, which can be very useful for public communities.

Those who have a private group, just among their friends, can also benefit by ensuring that no outsiders have access to the chat.

New emojis on the way?

Another news item under investigation beta testers are the new emojis available with WhatsApp beta update for Android. There are eight improved and 21 new emojis from Unicode 15.0.

The website WABetaInfo explains that the 21 new emojis were not visible on the keyboard because they were under development, but it was already possible to send them using an alternative keyboard. Finally, thanks to the latest beta update of WhatsApp for Android available on the Google Play Store, some testers can see them on the official WhatsApp keyboard.

whatsapp emojiAs you can see in this screenshot, it is now possible to send these 21 emojis from the latest Unicode 15.0 directly with the official WhatsApp keyboard, so you no longer need to download and use another keyboard to send them.

The introduction of new emojis finally solves the problem that caused users confusion as they could receive these emojis but not be able to send them without workarounds.

More resources

There’s also a new update being tested in WhatsApp beta for Android that gives more priority to clicking a name instead of a phone number.

As the portal explains, phone numbers in group chats have been replaced by push names inside the message bubble.

With this feature, WhatsApp has made it even easier to recognize messages from unknown contacts in your group chats.

Another beta update of WhatsApp for Android also included this change to appear in the chat list even before opening the group.

Whenever a user receives a message from an unknown contact in a group chat, the push name will appear in the chat list instead of the phone number.

This change definitely makes it easier for the recipient to understand who the unknown contact is without saving the number as a new contact, and is especially useful in large chat groups where it is difficult to identify unknown group members.

Edit message function

WhatsApp is testing a much-anticipated feature. Soon it will be possible to edit already sent messages on the messaging platform.

However, the functionality is still under development in the beta version of iOS Messenger.

According to WABetaInfo website, after sending the message, the user will have up to 15 minutes to correct errors or add some information.

AND:however, this will require the app to be in its latest version, remembering that the feature is being tested on the iOS version.

Additionally, there may be a new update that will allow you to edit media captions, be it photos or videos.

However, there is no official prediction as to when the feature will appear in the final version. Similarly, it is not known whether it will be exclusive to iOS or will be rolled out to Android as well.

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