Who is R’Bonnie Gabriel, the American who overshadowed the Miss Universe gala?

¡Miss Universe 2022 ya tiene ganadora! R’Bonnie GabrielRepresentative uswas chosen to win the prize in New Orleans, in edition number 71 of the most famous beauty pageant in the world, as one of the two favorites, Amanda Dudamel in Venezuela Mr Andreina Martinez in Dominican Republic, which ranked second and third respectively. Gabriel was crowned by his predecessor India Harnaaz Sandhu. For his part, the Spanish representative, Alicia Faubelis placed in the top 16 of the most beautiful semi-finalists in the world, thus achieving decimotercer puesto.


Rejection of the candidates for Miss Universe a few days before the final of the competition

Ganadora, of United States and Philippine descent

R’Bonnie Gabrielthe new Miss Universe, has 28 years you are there too the first woman of Filipino descent of the USA to be declared the most beautiful in the world. Your mother, Dana Walker, you are American. Sin embargo, las raices le vienen de parte de su padre, Remigio Bonzon “R. Bon” Gabriel, who was born in the Philippines and went to the North American country to study psychology at the Universidad del Sur de California, in Los Angeles. The American was the new woman in the country to get another crownthe new Power to Google (Fuerza para el bien), estimated at $5.3 million -consisting of 993 precious stones and a 45.14-carat sapphire-, becoming the largest face in the entire history of the event.


Meet the most beautiful women in the world: the 83 candidates for Miss Universe

the winner is designer sustainable fashion, model Mr sewing teacher. She also studied at the University of North Texas and was the first Filipina Miss United States, which is why she shares the importance of wanting your own culture and loving where you come from. It should be noted that R’Bonney Gabriel was taken from the Philippine edition of the magazine fashion. This gala was celebrated in 2023, the winner won the title of Miss Universe 2022, as the pageant was moved to those days so as not to coincide with World Cup in Qatar.


We show you the swimsuit (with a message) that Alicia Faubel will wear in the Miss Universe pageant

Spain’s Alicia Faubel is not far behind

The Valencian, who represented Spain in the world beauty pageant, fell among the top 16. Alicia Faubel26 years old and 1.75 meters tall, it was very emotional for him place number 13and here’s how he expressed it on his public profile via video: “I’m happy with life to be in this top 16“, decia.


The young woman leads her whole life devoting herself to the world of fashion. Before the race, the model, who hails from Alicante, spoke about HELLO! about the canons of beauty established by society and what to expect from all this: “To be able to prove that I am more than a physicist. It was motivation to learn what the reign of beauty really is. He tells me that in these competitions on earth it is about external beauty, which means Miss Universe gives us every opportunity to be heard and therefore we must use our voice in the best way possible”, he assured.

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