Why hysteria is completely inappropriate when looking for a coach for SchalkeEnglish 

Why hysteria is completely inappropriate when looking for a coach for Schalke

As of Thursday afternoon, Schalke has yet to get a new coach. This seems to be a disaster for some contemporaries – decision makers have won the trust.

The word spoken matters and this time it comes from none other than Rudi Assauer, ultimately a managerial legend. When Schalke was once again looking for a coach before the 2003/04 season and there seemed to be no suitable candidate, Assauer calmed the troubled masses in his own way: “We will find an idiot,” he said, “we will to find. “

Part of the Schalke club family is also worried now. There are many troublemakers, especially on social media, who seem to care more about speed than punctuality when it comes to training. It almost seems like a disaster to them that the Royal Blues have not yet got a new coach. This hysteria is completely inappropriate.

Lots of fair decisions

Because decision-makers – above all sporting directors Peter Knäbel and Rouven Schröder – have already gained little confidence through their outstanding development work over the past season. With many fair decisions, they have formed a promotion team from the Schalke demolition facility and created a spirit of optimism that has absolutely nothing to do with the gloomy days, weeks and months of the fall season.

So now you have to trust them to do the right thing in the current situation. The coaching carousel that suddenly returned quickly to the first division, in which some places are still uninhabited, certainly did not help to facilitate the search for Schalke’s coach. In this regard, it should be understood that decisions may now need to be completely reconsidered.

Not an easy task

After all, the task for the young man is not easy: Schalke’s squad is still in skeletal form, many personal details are still unclear – if only because of the numerous loan deals are players returning who may not have most no sports or financial or even both are required but Schalke may have difficulty selling them and must be patient.

At all levels, both on the executive floor and between the fans and those around them, a clear picture of reality is required: So far, Schalke can continue to stay in the league only next season. The second division was hailed as “the second strongest division of all time” – perhaps a sign that both second division clubs (HSV and Dynamo Dresden) failed in their respective relegation matches. This should not diminish Schalke’s performance, but it is proof that the white and blues will have to significantly increase their staff if they want to maintain a level – especially since Ko Itakura has already suffered a significant loss.

Get the most out of it

A new coach will consider all of this – and generally high expectations – when considering an engagement with Schalke. However, if you are a very confident football coach, you will not shy away from this task. Schalke is and remains one of the most interesting clubs for a coach.

And should it actually result – which is unlikely today and would be a great role back – in the fact that Mike Büskens has to intervene again in the end: What? Then that would be. Schalke and Büskens should not apologize to anyone. It’s about finding a coach who pushes the team to do its best. And Mike Büskens definitely managed to do it last season.

Heynckes came early in training

By the way: the “Dussel” that Rudi Assauer was looking for actually found itself. It was Jupp Heynckes, so everything but a “dumb”. He was introduced the day before the start of training. This year it is scheduled for June 20th.

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