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Why the Giants should scout a trade for a disgruntled Ravens WR

December 26, 2021; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Rashod Pittman (12), Baltimore Ravens wide receiver, reacts after scoring against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first half at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are looking for upgrades at this wide receiver position in the offseason and a new option may have presented itself this week. Rashad Bateman, wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, made headlines today after he tweeted about the team’s general manager Eric DeCosta following some comments DeCosta made at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine. Bateman, who was visibly disgruntled with his current team, could look for A new home is in this season, and the Giants might be a perfect fit.

Ravens WR Rashod Pittman is indignant at GM’s comments

DeCosta was asked about the team’s problems with drafting wide receivers in recent years. GM crows reply by saying“If I had an answer, it probably means I’m going to have some better receivers. … We’re going to keep swinging.”

“There were some players who were successful players for us and were great recruiting picks.” Follow DeCosta. “We’ve never really taken on those kind of All-Pro guys, which is disappointing, but it’s not because of a lack of effort. … It’s one of those anomalies that I can’t really explain, other than to say we’re never going to stop trying.”

Ravens WR Rashod Bateman saw these quotes and took aim at his team’s general manager, Twitter“How to play to your player strength and stop pointing fingers at us and #8…blame the person you let do this…. We deal with the heat 24/7. And keep us healthy…Take care of us and see what happens … There are no promises… You are tired of being lied to and beating players up for no reason.”

Bateman quickly deleted the tweet and later tweeted “my apologies” after his tweets were widely covered. The Ravens have clearly let their 2021 first-round pick frustrated over the past two seasons and DeCosta’s comments only seemed to add to the problem. With Pittman openly upset, now might be the perfect time for the New York Giants to swoop in and bring the 23-year-old to the Big Apple.

Should the Giants try to trade Rashod Bateman?

After publicly criticizing his team’s general manager, Rashod Pittman has become the talk of business speculation in Baltimore. The Ravens could move on from the talented third-year receiver because he has become visibly unhappy with the state of affairs in Baltimore.

The Giants, desperate to receive talent, have to be one of Bateman’s top destinations. New York could seize the moment and buy Pittman on the cheap, acquiring a low-risk, high-reward player before free agency. Considering his lack of production to launch his career and the public’s disdain for his team management, the asking price in a Rashod Pittman deal should be more than affordable for the Giants.

The beginning of Pittman’s career was derailed by injuries. After being selected with the 27th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Rashod Bateman appeared in just 18 games for the Ravens, totaling 61 receptions for 800 yards and three touchdowns.

When he was on the field in Baltimore, Pittman displayed extraordinary potential that made him a first-round pick. Bateman’s career average of 44.4 yards per game surpasses that of Giants wide receivers Darius Slayton (43.3 yd/g), Richie James (22.1 yd/g), and Isaiah Hodgins (35.6 yd/g).

While he may not be the WR1 the Big Blue are looking for, Bateman would be an excellent WR2 to pair with as a primary receiving threat if the Giants are able to find one this offseason.

Rashod Pitman is an excellent track runner and a young talent who can develop into something special with the right training. The Giants should consider taking advantage of Pittman, sacrificing a mid-to-late-round draft pick to get him via trade from Baltimore.

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