Wilker Barreto pays for “feminist” on Women’s Day, but publicly disparages female MPs; watch the video

By writing 1 March 8, 2023 at 5:27 p.m

Amazonas – State Representative Wilker Barreto (Citizenship) used social media this Tuesday (07), ahead of International Women’s Day, to say that the fight for women’s rights is also “his fight”. However, he has already publicly slandered his colleagues in parliament, been called a sexist and made headlines across the country.

In a virtual session held during the pandemic, Wilker Barreto shamed State Deputy Joana Darc (União Brasil) by calling her “Maria do Bairro”, insinuating that she is dramatic and hysterical. The situation caused a big argument, where deputy Alessandra Campêlo (PSC) had to intervene and demand respect.

“That’s absurd! Lack of respect. You like to provoke, Mr. Wilker, and then say that it is the woman who is scandalous. You are a big coward!” said Alessandra, who is the president of the Commission for Women at ALEAM and felt offended by the words of the deputy.

Even knowing he had offended Joana and Alessandra, Wilker reacted by getting even more excited and provoking them to look out of control. “Mary from the neighborhood. Marias do Bairro,” the deputy repeated all the time, ignoring all the discomfort he was causing his colleagues.

Both parliamentarians claimed that Wilker is a sexist, and the session was adjourned due to the discussion. Faced with the representative’s oppressive behavior, which is allegedly repeated, the electorate of Amazonia accuses him of only trying to promote himself on today, March 8.

Watch the video:

Does Wilker Use ‘Gaslighting’?

Gaslighting is a way of referring to the tactics and tricks used to make a person question their own reality and question what they feel, believe and do. The victims of this strategy are usually women. The aggressor claims hysteria, saying that the person is “dramatic”, that he is “crazy” and that there is no reason for it, that he is “behaving defensively”, which is why he loses control and gets lost in the discussion. .

The goal of those who carry out this practice is to psychologically weaken the victim in order to influence their perceptions, behavior and decisions.

Despite trying to clean up his image with female MPs involved in the debate, the MP would use ‘Gaslighting’ in that episode? The question remains.

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