Wilson Lima delivers more than R $ 6.2 million of new public safety equipment - CM7 Portal - Notícias de Manaus and AmazonasEnglish 

Wilson Lima delivers more than R $ 6.2 million of new public safety equipment – CM7 Portal – Notícias de Manaus and Amazonas

From Lindivan on June 30, 2022 at 10:09 p.m.

Amazonas – More than R $ 6.2 million of new state public safety equipment was delivered this Thursday (30) by Amazon Governor Wilson Lima. For use in the operational work of the police, there are 44 police vehicles, ammunition and radio communicators, and more than 400 microcomputers for the modernization of the computer park of civilian police stations and military police units.

Among the equipment are 54 suitcases with technology for collecting fingerprints at crime scenes by agents of the Scientific and Technical Police. For the Fire Brigade, 14 approximate suits were used, which are used by fighters in firefighting operations.

44 vehicles were delivered to the state security, of which 30, from the contract with SSP-AM and PMAM, will be intended for the Military Police itself, and another 14 vehicles are part of the donation of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MESP).

Another important item is ammunition. More than 36,000 .40 caliber ammunition will be distributed to police forces. The list also includes operational combat, emergency and training rations for security agents in inland police operations, in particular the Arpão Fluvial River Base and Operation Hórus, a Vigia program that strengthens police in border regions.

According to the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSP-AM), the new equipment meets the operational and modernization needs of the security system, while subsidizing the implementation of new projects, such as a new river base to combat drug trafficking. Similar to the Arpão base, which closed the siege due to drug trafficking and piracy on the Solimões River, near Coari, the new unit has not yet been baptized and will be installed on another large Amazon River.

Estimated at $ 3.2 million, a project to implement the new database is scheduled to be announced next week.

The security delivery package includes funds from the state government, from a loan from the Bank of Brazil, from the State Public Security Fund, an amendment by Deputy Pericles, along with donations from the Secretariat for National Public Security (Senasp).

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