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Written by Fanny on July 18, 2022 at 3:46 pm

Amazonas – The rise of Wilson Lima (União Brasil), the current governor of Amazonas, in the polls has greatly troubled Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB), who remains burned by the population ahead of the election and is still trying to stay in the dispute for the governorship.

This weekend behind the scenes of politics, information circulated that Wilson would lose ground among the mayors of the interior of the Amazon. The noise spreading ahead of the conventions is somehow trying to hurt the growth of the incumbent governor, whose re-election is supported by more than 40 mayors.

Known in Amazonas as a group of “old guard politics”, they do not accept the idea of ​​new leaderships in power that have emerged in recent years and have completely exposed the names that were like the “dynasty” of Amazonian politics.

Eduardo Braga, for example, still hasn’t digested all the defeats he suffered election after election. He continues his relentless quest to somehow get elected, but the people of Amazonas do not forget the damage he caused while in power.

In 2014, Braga suffered a heavy defeat against his former ally José Melo, who always circled around his political group. Soon after, in 2017, he experienced another defeat of his mentor in politics Amazonin Mendes (Citizenship), with a difference of almost 250 thousand votes compared to the politician who was already resting and who was brought out of retirement to take office. Then, in mid-2018, he managed to be elected senator with a margin of less than 1% ahead of Luiz Castro, with around 25,000 votes.

Also, who doesn’t remember the tension in Braga during the vote counting? Then a video was published of the moment in which the candidate felt an intense shudder at the thought of losing another election, which was not the case. At the sound of a gong, with voices from the interior, he ended up surpassing his opponent, but he experienced a real beating at the polling stations of the capital of Amazonia.

Now, apart from being deleted, Braga is one of the candidates that the population of Amazonia burned and rejected the most, and the results of the recent polls, where Wilson Lima points out the most votes, bothered him so much that he is currently trying to make the candidacy viable in any way. it is not sustainable in itself.

There are many demonstrations of isolation by the old political leaf, and behind the scenes there are rumors that he will articulate to weaken his rival, Governor Wilson Lima, who, in addition to the support of several mayors in the interior, today has the support of the mayor of Manaus, David Almeida (Avante), who today the main exponent of Amazonian politics.

Davido’s support turned out to be fundamental, and she was courted by several politicians, including Eduardo Braga. Who would have thought that the man who was once a driver for Eduardo’s company was asked to give him his blessing, the world has been visited many times.

Braga’s desperation to articulate against Wilson Lima only shows that the group that ruled the Amazon for 40 years has now been defeated by a population that is tired of the same faces in power and no longer accepts being harmed.

*With information from the In9 Portal*.

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