Windows 12 on the first graphic? No, it’s not

You may have come across article titles like “We’ve seen Windows 12 before” or something similar on the internet. Well, given what Microsoft has really shown, they can be summed up with a juicy “xD”.

Windows 11 just keeps getting better

Microsoft has a lot of work to do with Windows 11. Every now and then, new updates appear that mainly fix emerging bugs, but also introduce major changes, including visual ones. The last more comprehensive package was a collection of tweaks and features that the Redmond giant dubbed 2022 H2. A few things were fixed, a few features added… You know how it is on Windows – without revolution in the style of the hated “eight”.

At the same time, the number of Windows 11 users is slowly but steadily growing, which can be seen in almost every survey – even those not commissioned by Microsoft. This is indicated, for example, by the Steam Hardware and Software Survey for September.

Surface Pro 9 (Source: Microsoft)

Somewhere in Microsoft’s development department it was recently determined that a major conference dedicated to the company’s new flagship products was the perfect opportunity to showcase a prototype version of Windows. And so, a wave of information like “This is what Windows 12 looks like” spread across the Internet. Serious?

What are we looking at? Is it Windows 12?

Viewers of the last Microsoft Ignite conference, where we got to know new devices, for example Surface Pro 9 if Surface laptop 5. When he appeared on stage Surface Studio 2+, A trained eye might notice something like this:

On the screen Surface Studio 2+ We’ve seen a version of Windows that was never presented or given to testers. The tablet look of the system was emphasized by the “floating” taskbar and the system tray, which was moved from the bottom right corner of the screen to its top corner.

The media immediately picked up the topic and dubbed this UI design… Windows 12, without any particular basis. Sources suggest that this could be a representative example used by Windows designers to show where Microsoft’s operating system style should go. However, no one is seriously labeling this prototype as a visualization of Windows 12. Years will pass before the possible premiere, and the test functions will appear and disappear again and again from the implicit test program.

Neither – we don’t know what Windows 12 will look like and we’re far from seeing it.

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