Windows Vista – one of the most beautiful and … my favorite Windows

Vista was one of the most revolutionary Windows for me, it brought the look of the system that still holds up today.

Being born in 1993, my computer memories don’t go back as far as some people. The first computer in the house ran Windows 98, and since I was about 7/8 at the time, I remember it rather vaguely. Then, of course, there was the Windows XP era, which I associate more with, because that’s when we had home Internet connections, so it was also the time of the first network games with friends. However, the turning point came around 2007. Why? Well, because that’s when I got my first laptop from my parents as a “private” computer. It was an Acer and we’ll get to that in a moment. But what was on it was more important than the computer itself. It was equipped with a completely new operating system, which quite successfully blew me away at the time.

My memories of Windows Vista are… very positive

Yes, I know you could have won an online comedy award between 2010 and 2015 for saying “Vista is a bad system”, but… I never thought so. Yes, the laptop I was running on had its odd problems, but in retrospect I can see that a lot of them were not related to the system itself, but to the machine it was hosted on. Vista was just very demanding and the hardware manufacturers just weren’t ready for that kind of leap, as a result especially on cheaper laptops (and I had one) it just let the performance down a lot, not to mention the compatibility issues with some things it probably wouldn’t be with today problem, but for a 14-year-old boy who did not know how to properly solve such problems, these were difficult obstacles to overcome.

However, that didn’t stop me from just enjoying Vista. In most cases, what people describe about their experience with this system, especially its unstable behavior, was not part of mine. I learned about how bad this version of Windows was from other people’s stories when (much later) I became a bit more interested in computers. So this is a classic example of “weird, it works for me”, but it allowed me to appreciate the system a bit more than most users.

Windows Vista is still one of the most beautiful Windows. And period

Windows Vista is 15 years old today, but I have to be honest – I wouldn’t mind if a system that looked like this came out on modern hardware. And if you remember the old “wow” ad, Windows Vista did exactly the same thing back then, and it still does a little bit today.

The system was (is) a complete departure from the previous aesthetic and looked out of this world compared to XP. I really liked the Aero interface, the system was visually cohesive (something you can’t say about every Windows that came after Vista) and the fact that it still holds up after so many years shows that this look can be considered timeless. At the same time, Microsoft did this without turning the user experience on its head. There were no tiles or imposing strange UI solutions like in 8 or 11, anyone who could handle XP could also handle Vista without problems.

Too bad computers (especially laptops) looked the way they did back then. If we look at machines from that time, we can see a huge discrepancy between what a system looks like and what a computer looks like, which was probably not without significance. Laptops then looked (mostly) as if Windows 98 was still able to match them and unfortunately only years later caught up with Macbooks, which had been selling them for decades in terms of design. Unfortunately, the rapid release of Windows 7 (which itself was a slightly polished Vista) didn’t so much bury Vista as reinforce the notion that it wasn’t a good system, even if the reality was a bit different.

So if I had to choose, I would definitely rank Vista among the nicest looking Windows and if there was a chance to use this system on modern hardware – I would have no problems with it. In the era of flat design, the idea of ​​a transparent interface seems almost fresh, and I think many people would like to welcome back the solutions known from Vista, with the local Start menu at the forefront. I think that if Microsoft decided to release this system as open source, there would be a large group of enthusiasts who would very quickly allow Vista to be used without problems even today.

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