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Wineries will pay 7 million rials in compensation

Photo: MPTRS

The Aurora, Garibaldi and Salton wineries involved in slavery-like labor cases in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, will pay R$7 million in moral and collective damages to recently rescued employees in Serra Gaucha.

The money will be paid to about 200 workers who they were outsourced and kept in unsafe housing under threats and violenceaccording to deposits. The cost is set within a behavior adjustment period (TAC) set by the organization Ministry of Labor (MPT), responsible for the investigation of the case.

The deadline for payment of compensation for individual damages will be 15 days after the submission of the list of survivors. The sums of collective moral damages will be allocated to organizations, foundations or projects aimed at “damage restoration”, according to the MTA.

The agreement also sets out measures to be taken by the wineries. They will only be able to enter into outsourcing contracts with companies that have the economic capacity to perform the contracted service and must monitor the health and safety measures adopted by the outsourced companies.

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