With an onion in the shower – this trend won TikTok. See how to get rid of the smell from the bathroom at home. Shower onions rule the web

Not everyone is aware that onions can have many unusual uses. Its properties make it ideal as an odor absorber. Find out what happens when you put onions in the bathroom. Shower onions – every TikTok fan knows this trend.


  • What is a shower arch? Onion fashion in the bathroom
  • Why do Internet users put onions in the bathroom?

In popular TikTok app we can find numerous videos where internet users proudly present their bathrooms full of onions. Tiktokers put this well-known vegetable in Poland in glass containers, on shelves, next to the sink or in the shower. Both classic white and red onions – cut into slices, feathers, quarters, halves or whole, have become an unusual and modern decoration in the bathroom. This trend that has been popular for some time now has a name shower onionIt is shower onion.

Many tiktokers claim that onions perfectly absorb unpleasant odors and that’s why they keep this vegetable in the bathroom. Especially if we peel it and cut it in half, it will effectively eliminate the smell in the room.

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