With PA and DG, Claro and Motorola are playing with acronyms in the name of the new smartphone

In addition to the film, the promotion in 30″ and 25″ versions includes digital initiatives with Claro’s own channels and points of sale.

Claro and Motorola have expanded PA and DG, which recently left BBB, to represent the moto g62 5G campaign. The strategy, signed by the talented Marcel, plays with the abbreviations of the device name and the nicknames of the Olympic athlete and the actor to represent the features of the smartphone exclusively reaching the operator.

In the film, a saleswoman at a Claro store introduces a Motorola device, and two influencers, PA and DG, interact with the features and make connections between abbreviations. In addition to the film, the action in 30″ and 25″ versions is counted by a digital initiative on Claro’s own channels and sales points.

“The partnership and synergy between Claro and Motorola to always deliver the best experience and connectivity is as strong as the friendship between PA and DG, which created an incredible story at BBB 21,” says Claro Communications and Brand Director Ane Lopez.

“Moto g62 5G is designed for fun, with surreal speed, and it is in this spirit and synergy that we brought to this campaign a duo that also brought a lot of fun and joy to the public,” added Andrea Brandi, Marketing Manager. at Motorola Brazil


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