With Vila Belmiro empty, Santos wins Iguatu-CE and advances to the Copa do Brasil

Lucas Barbosa and Marcos Leonardo (2x) scored the goals for Peixe’s 3-0 win

Marcos Leonardo scored two goals in the Copa do Brasil match

O saints faced with Iguatu-CEin Vila Belmiro, from Brazil Cup and won 3 to 0. For invading the pitch and aggressing against goalkeeper Cássio, from Corinthians, last year, Santos was sentenced to play two Copa do Brasil matches behind closed doors. The first was completed this Thursday, the 9th and for an empty stadium the team returned to the lawns after the elimination in Paulista. The game was easy. In the 17th minute, Lucas Barbosa opened the scoring with a header. In the 33rd minute, Marcos Leonardo also rose above the Ceará defense and extended the result. In the second half, in the 31st minute, in a counterattack Marcos Leonardo waited and hit with a cavadinha on the goal, making the second and third for Peixe. The victory puts Santos in the next stage of the competition.

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