Without an Apple Store, you can feel like a third-class customer

Apple wants to be premium in every field. Their products are supposed to be premium. Their service is supposed to be premium. Their apps are supposed to be premium. And finally the repair – also premium. I think everyone has their own thoughts and values ​​related to the vision of what PREMIUM really is. In my opinion, mainstream consumer electronics are far from products in this category. But using the AirPods Pro trade-in program in a country with access to an Apple Store and local service made me realize again how much we’re losing with only “official services” and reseller stores.

Last year, Apple launched an AirPods Pro service program. The event’s official website says:

Affected AirPods Pro (left, right or both) will be serviced free of charge by an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Since my model was affected by the problems mentioned above, I decided to use it. So I asked the Polish services if they would solve the matter “on the spot” – but unfortunately. Due to the availability of parts, you need to prepare for the fact that the headphones will have to be left for approx. 2-3 days. Maybe shorter, maybe longer. unknown.

Honestly? A little long – because even though I have other headphones, AirPods Pro are my favorite and the only ones that really work for phone calls, whether I’m sitting in a quiet apartment or walking down a busy street. Considering the fact that I will soon be able to access the Apple Store, I decided to hold off. And I think the patience paid off. Why?

I made an appointment at the Apple Store for 11:30. I returned the headphones – the staff said that everything needed to be checked and verified and that they would call me back in an hour. When I came back, I used the same QR code I used at the appointment and after a while I got new headphones. An hour – not two, three, four or five days. An hour – this is the time when I literally managed to go to a nearby cafe, read a few dozen pages of a book and come back.

That’s the “subtle” difference

Apple was not, is not, and there is no indication that it will be a premium brand for me in the future. They are more expensive than the competition, and after the recent price increase in Poland, their products cost ridiculous amounts. Unfortunately, although it costs a lot, it does not reflect the quality of customer service. Because yes, we do not lack specialists or Authorized Service Technicians who will take proper care of our equipment. But when it comes to comfort and pace – we are way behind. The same goes for services like Apple Care +, which are still not available here. Therefore, in Poland, you can feel a bit like the worse kind of customer – because all these Apple assumptions related to express repair and assistance provided in their stores really work. But unfortunately (yet?) not with us…


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