Without Petrobras Reregulation, Gasoline Backlog Increases to 18%

With prices still frozen from Petrobraswhich claims to use a different formula to measure the price gap in relation to the international market, the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (abicom) recorded, at the close of this Thursday (27), 20% lower prices for oil and 18% for gasoline in the Brazilian market.

The state-owned company has not changed the price of gasoline for 56 days and has not readjusted diesel for 38 days.

According to Broadcast (Grupo Estado’s real-time news system), the government is pressuring the company to keep prices unchanged at least until the end of the second round of elections next Sunday (October 30).

Experts predict that after the presidential elections prices will increase, which is denied by Petrobraswhich states that it uses a different methodology to measure latency and that its prices are currently in line with the international market.

For Abicom president Sérgio Araújo, it is surprising that the company did not make any adjustments, after more than 15 days of delay in fuel prices, since when oil prices fell in September, the state-owned company immediately reduced gasoline and fuel. diesel.

I see it with surprise because, if we look at you a few weeks ago, Petrobras was working with the above par price in Abicom’s calculations and, at that moment, it lowered the prices and started touching the PPI (Import Parity Price) curves prepared. for us. So I don’t understand this difference now“, said Araujo.

In practice, the executive says, Abicom’s parameters matched Petrobras’s for falling prices, and it’s strange that now, under mounting pressure, the same doesn’t happen. At current prices, small importers associated with Abicom are unable to bring in fuel from abroad due to lack of competition.

According to a survey by Abicom, to harmonize prices with the international market, Brazilian refineries should increase gasoline by R$ 0.75 per liter on average and diesel by R$ 1.25 per liter.

In Bahia, where the country’s only major private refinery, sold by Petrobras last year, operates, delays are shorter. According to Abicom, the price difference in the Bahian market is 13% for diesel and 8% for gasoline.

Mainly the price of oil is under pressure in the foreign market due to the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, which adds to the drop in supply due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. But gasoline has also followed an upward trend due to increased consumption in the United States.

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