Women get free entry to Hopi Hari starting today, it’s their month.

Good news for women. Starting today, the 3rd, they will have free entry to Hopi Hari, São Paulo’s largest theme park. They were looking forward to celebrating International Women’s Day next Wednesday (08/03).

To celebrate the strength of warriors with care The Vinhedo (SP) amusement park will offer free admission to all women until March 31. So girls, have you gone?

How to get a benefit? Just accompany at least one paying individual. Gather your friends and let’s go!

Guaranteed fun!

Hopi Hari is the largest theme park in the state of São Paulo. With more than 40 attractions for all tastes and ages, this place has Latin America’s largest wooden roller coaster, the Montezum.

If it’s too hot, the park also has refreshing walks. Rio Bravo is attractive at an altitude of more than 600 meters. Remember to bring a bikini, huh!

For those who prefer more radical adventures, there is no shortage of options. One of them, Le Voyage, an elevator with more than 23 floors, will definitely make you lose your jams.


Even with free women’s admission to Hopi Harry, your family and friends must purchase tickets.

Opening Friday to Monday starting at 11am and generally closing at 8.30pm, the park entrance fee ranges from R$109.90 to R$189.90. Tickets can be purchased from the park’s website or at the box office. Prices also vary depending on how you buy them.

It is also worth remembering that children up to 1 meter tall wearing shoes are free of charge. Did you like it moms?

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How to get?

When planning, it’s good to know how to get to a theme park. Located 15 minutes from Campinas (SP) and half an hour from São Paulo, Hopi Hari awaits you.

Since it’s a bit far, at km 72 of Rodovia Bandeirantes, it’s good to be prepared to spend the whole day there.

If the weather looks like it’s going to rain, park management says it’s not responsible for any mishaps. So grab your umbrella!

All women get free entry to Hopi Hari starting this Friday (03). Have you called the boys yet? – Photo by Hopi Harry

With information from Hopi Harry

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