Women occupy less than 1/3 of management positions in departments

The Census Bureau’s 9th edition found that women leaders make up 32% of

Operand Agency Census 9th Edition showed that women occupying managerial positions in departments make up only 32.7%, less than 1/3 of the total number. 541 specialists who hold management chairs in communication companies participated in the survey.

According to the Continuous PNAD data, the number of women in Brazil, 51.1 percent, is greater than men, 48.9 percent, in the Brazilian population. However, research confirms that there is an underrepresentation of women in the labor market.

In 2022, the presence of women in branch management was 32.09%, and 32.72%. in the 2023 edition of the census.

Census agencies 2022

  • 67.91% identify as male
  • 32.09% identify as female

Census agencies 2023

  • 67.1% identify as male
  • 32.72% identify as female
  • 0.18% chose not to inform

(Credit: Amy Hirsch on Unsplash)

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