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Lidia Capitani

March 3, 2023 – 10:45 am

The participation of Rita Von Hunty, the drag queen played by Professor Guilherme Terreri, at the Women To Watch Summit has been cancelled. Guilherme understands and welcomes the question raised about a character played by a cis male artist in an event aimed at promoting female protagonists. It is important to emphasize that this participation is accepted from the perspective of Rita, who talks about the erasure of deviant identities (including LGBTQIA+).

The Women To Watch platform aims to give prominence to women active in the communications industry and discuss the issues that guide the gender equality agenda in society.

Given the way Rita Von Hunty’s participation in the Women To Watch Summit was publicized, the event organization is issuing this note to describe the stress caused and, mostly, to welcome comments and interaction from followers, who are always cooperative. enrich the conversation.

It is important to emphasize that the summary condition for Rita’s participation was to be part of a panel with women who will discuss the topic of women’s historical erasure in spaces of contestation and decision-making with social impact. She agreed to be part of the table on the condition that such erasure for deviant (especially LGBTQIAP+) and feminist identities be discussed, and how these movements can work together against such oppression.

We are sorry for the noise caused in the communication of this participation. Faced with such consequences, Rita informed that she will no longer participate in the event.

The Women To Watch platform aims to highlight women active in the communications industry. See the full Women To Watch Summit schedule at the link.

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