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March 8, 2023 – 4:21 p.m

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated this Wednesday, the 8th, proved to be an opportunity for brands to strengthen their position on gender equality and fight the obstacles that keep professionals still in unequal situations in the labor market and in society.

This year, some companies used March 8 to announce initiatives in favor of inclusion goals. Others emphasized female strength in their campaigns.


With the aim of solving the problems related to the bureaucracy of image rights and the like, and so that electronic sports brands can place real players in the games, Guaraná Antárctica launches the botaelasnojogo.com.br platform that facilitates the inclusion of athlete avatars.

The initiative created by Soko includes Bia Zaneratto, Tamires, Maria Eduarda, Adriana and Ary Borges and other athletes who support the #Botaelasnojogo movement conceived by Ambev in 2022.


Philips uses women’s month to encourage sports. On the 11th, in São Paulo, the brand will promote the Philips Beach Tennis Open, an event created by IDTBWA, in partnership with Mynda, under the brand of the women’s care group, Philips Beauty. The festival will offer different activities to the participants. With this action, Philips supports the second edition of the Women’s Longboard Festival, which aims to encourage the female audience to engage in sports, especially surfing. The event held from March 16 to 19 in the city of Santos includes activities such as yoga, stretching, skateboarding, women’s health, nutrition and concerts by the bands Água e Sal, Dzrock, Gerônimo.


Vivo used the telenovela Travessia, from Globo, to promote the platform “Fibrous women” which aims to strengthen the diversity and inclusion of professionals in activities traditionally considered male. During an appearance on Globe’s lot, the brand explained the details of the selection process for the program.

Black princess

Brewers participated in the creation of the drink (Credit: Disclosure)

To celebrate Women’s Day and reinforce the brand’s commitment to appreciating and empowering women, Black Princess is launching the second edition of Black Princess FemAle, entirely designed and created by women, from whipping to bottling.

Condensed milk

In partnership with Content Studio Nestlé Ogilvy, Nestlé brings women to tell their stories live on Moça’s Instagram. Under the name “Their reality”, the live broadcast will talk about entrepreneurship, profession, tools and other topics. Leite Moça also invited other influential market avatars to interact with the live characters.


Globo decided to shed light on the tools of the law aimed at combating violence against women, in a campaign that will be shown throughout the month and is linked to the principles of the company’s ESG agenda. The film shows women who have experienced or closely followed situations of violence and emphasizes the sentence: “This is our right! From all of us”.


Hering used the day to launch a campaign that aims to highlight the grueling routine of women in the labor market. Created by Ginga, the campaign features Gabriela Priola, Larissa Luz and four of Hering’s employees, Mana Passos, Marcela Castellano, Tatiana Guimarães and Silvana Souza, talking about their routines. In addition, the film raises questions such as “If care is basic, why doesn’t anyone see it?” and “If no one sees it, how is it possible to value it?”.


With Dira Paes as the protagonist, Telecine presents the project ‘Mulheres Fazem Cinema’. The initiative aims to celebrate the participation of women in cinema. In addition to the institutional video, which is the focus of the campaign, the actress will participate in a “film circle”, in podcast and video format, with Telecine presenters Renata Boldrini and Bruno Scot.

Bank of Brazil

By creating Lew’LaraTBWA, Banco do Brasil wanted to draw attention to women’s struggle for better working conditions. The film reinforces the discussion about work ambitions and the concept of “making it to the top”.


Women on Walls (WOW), a collaborative platform aimed at promoting women in the arts, wants to accelerate the professionalization of female artists for free. Operating from 2022, the initiative builds bridges of connectivity and free education, also provides opportunities and funding, and already has 2,000 women registered.

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