Women tracked by AirTags sue Apple

You thought AirTag incidents were a thing of the past? No, keeping up with Apple’s search engines is still a big deal

At the beginning of the year, a few months after the launch of AirTag, there were, as expected, many incidents and crimes related to Apple trackers. Tracking with AirTag is child’s play, which is why Apple introduced “scares” in the form of warning messages intended to deter potential stalkers from illegally using the gadget. As you can probably guess, criminals don’t care about such warnings, and AirTag tracking is in full swing. Apple will have to explain again in court, this time because of the events that took place in San Francisco.

Alerts about nearby AirTags are simply useless

According to information contained in the class-action lawsuit (originally reported by Bloomberg), two women were harmed by Apple’s “woefully inadequate” protections. The ex-partner of one of them planted an AirTag in the victim’s car to locate her new apartment. The woman was forced to move due to harassment by her ex-boyfriend, and the lack of security put her in danger.


The story of the second victim is equally disturbing, because a child is involved in the case. A woman’s husband slipped an Apple tracker into a minor’s backpack to track her family during a separation. Victims accuse the manufacturer of the bite-sized devices that the warning message system is useless. In theory, the iPhone should respond immediately when someone else’s AirTag is nearby, but in practice it works with a very long delay or not at all.

The women are now seeking unspecified compensation for putting clients at risk.

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