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Work on vacation. every third office worker can be reached on vacation

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Every third office worker can also be contacted for vacation work

Many employees not only take their work home with them, but even on vacation

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According to the survey, one in three office workers in Germany can also be contacted by their co-workers when they are on vacation. Still, many were depressed by it. At the same time, many respondents experienced disconnection problems while on vacation.

Almost one in three German office workers can also work during the summer holidays. Overall, 31 percent of respondents said so in a survey by the YouGov research institute. One in nine even wants to be available for work every day. Even among respondents who say they cannot be contacted for work, a good quarter check business news at least once a week. More than 2,000 office workers in Germany were surveyed in mid-July.

A third of respondents felt stressed by being constantly available. 66 percent said they had trouble switching off while on vacation. Reasons for constant availability included client and employer expectations and important projects, but also personal motivation.

For many, relaxation does not last long after the holidays

According to the survey, many people have a high level of stress before and after the vacation. 45 percent said they were stressed just before summer vacation, and 63 percent said their recovery took no more than a week after the vacation ended.

“Flexible working shouldn’t result in employees being always available and unable to disconnect at all,” said Oliver Blewer of technology company Slack, which commissioned the survey. Help and clear framework conditions from employers are needed here. “Companies are missing a great opportunity. Because only those who can really switch off after vacation or work can return to work with new energy and motivation.”

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