Working in IT is not all coconuts. It’s also pace and stress

The big players are not innocent in this regard. The average working time per employee is a fairly good indicator of the quality of employment. Sometimes it’s the salary, sometimes it’s the environment or the workload. It seems that the biggest players in the field simply have nothing to be ashamed of in front of “Yanusheks”.

Of course, a tidy office and plenty of amenities are important values. Good pay, development opportunities and interesting work too. But employees don’t always look at only one side of the coin. what matters to them is the whole, and that’s not always kind to the biggest big names. Even in big, recognizable companies, it’s often the case that the work is boring and the pay… good. tragic. The Work and Money ranking shows the companies with the shortest working hours and highlights what’s wrong with them.

We usually associate IT companies with prosperity, great pay and… sloppy and not so committed work. So why in? Coinbase:The notorious leader of the rating, people work on average only 0.8 years. It turns out that only the toughest endure because of the workload. Another problem is that management forces subordinate employees to work on weekends and outside their working hours.

Reddit boasts that its employees love working there. So what went wrong that they spend an average of 1.2 years there? We don’t know, something is definitely wrong, and the workers there often take out their frustrations on their groups and then … make sure to leave. They don’t think long. He took fourth place.

Alphabet is in sixth place, tied with several other companies, it can “enjoy” the result of 1.3 years in the position. It’s interesting that people want better wages and more benefits, especially where the cost of living is huge. The parking lots near Alphabet, where the employee campers are located, have already become legendary. Even when you work at Google, you often can’t afford your own apartment. In the same place was Zoom, which, allegedly, should be a company with an established position. But it is not necessarily so. it turns out that people expect business success to be less “seasonal” and employment to be more stable.

Amazon only ranks 11th. Surprised

Despite everything, Amazon ranked 11th with an average tenure of 1.5 years per position, executives there can count on a $160,000 annual salary and the promise of company stock. That sounds like a lot, but it’s not that surprising in the industry anymore. Some pay (and give) more.

Meta 12th result at 1.7 year level. The scandals related to Facebook and the lack of faith in the current direction of the company are the main reasons for the departure of this giant. In addition, experimenting “on people’s minds” and trying to capture their attention as much as possible tires employees. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Activision Blizzard is in 14th place, 1.8 years. After sex scandals and reports of a toxic atmosphere in this place, it turned out that it is not such a great place to develop your professional career. Some people have noticed at this point that such companies are not like winning the lottery, and there are some inconveniences to be reckoned with.

The owner of TikTok, ByteDance, is considered a child prodigy in China. The current king of social media, however, has organizational culture issues. a six-day work week was the order of the day there. Just imagine that the giant left this idea, but … the people still remained dissatisfied. Maybe because some people there work 15 hours a day.

Although we are not talking about the tech giants, we must also consider the disadvantages of working for them. This is not to say that they are bad places to grow, but it is not always about grabbing God’s feet. Sometimes quite the opposite.

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