Worries about the future, joy for the wallet

A Dorsten man gets his lost wallet back, complete with €1,000. A woman from Wolfen-Barkenberg is worried about rising energy costs. Vandals were caught. it was the biggest news of the week.

Stefan Garweg lost his wallet in the Aldi parking lot in Scherbeck. The €1,000 disappeared before a woman brought him back the wallet. © Niklas Berkel

Before the new week begins, let’s look back at the past seven days. Our readers were particularly interested in the following topics:

Especially exciting news

Dorstener Stefan Garweg (41) lost €1,000 at Aldi Süd in Scherbeck due to carelessness. What happened next left him speechless.

While the temperature outside is in the middle of summer, Annette Hilfing from Dorsten is thinking about how to pay for the heating costs in winter. There are not many options left.

While it was hot in Dorsten on Tuesday, the fire brigade and the rescue service had their hands full. On the other hand, it was quiet in the hospital despite it being almost 40 degrees.

Meals in schools and day care centers are becoming more expensive. Sometimes more, sometimes less. An additional burden on families that providers like Caritas could not prevent given the rising prices.

A married couple from Wolfen can be reunited after death. The city of Dorsten has finally given up its resistance to reburial.

Two young alleged vandals went on a rampage at Burgerpark on Wednesday night. Mayor Tobias Stockhoff is satisfied with the intervention of the resident and the police.

Nadine Kahl is closing her grocery store in Dorsten due to health reasons. The sale is already in progress. Potential new tenants have also been identified.

people and feelings

The famous restaurateur “Toni” from Dorsten has a musical line. In his native India, as a singer and composer, he made videos of his songs with a Bollywood star.

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