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Wotoncraft – premium photo bags and backpacks

The Wotancraft company appears on the Polish market. Wotancraft photo bags and backpacks stand out primarily for their high quality and unusual style.

Wotoncraft are products for people who value durability, functionality and comfort. Bags and backpacks come in different sizes and configurations, and best of all, they’re modular. This way you can choose the best solution for each user. Each product is designed to store and transport cameras, lenses and other accessories such as cards or filters.

The Taiwanese brand has gained recognition among photographers around the world. Its products are highly valued for their quality, functionality, stylish appearance and durability. The best recommendation is that the Polish brand ambassador is the respected photojournalist Wojciech Grzędinski.

Wotancraft bags and backpacks also work as a solution for everyday use. This is a proposal for people looking for exceptional quality that will satisfy even the most demanding user. The Wotancraft brand is constantly improving its products and refining them in every detail.

Wotoncraft – where to buy?

The full brand portfolio is now available In the Leica Store in Warsaw. Products can also be purchased via the online store

More information and product catalog can be found at

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